Reynold C.K. Cheng ( 鄭振剛 )

Associate Professor

BEng, MPhil (HKU); MSc, PhD (Purdue)


MPhil/PhD Programme Director
Chair of the Department Research Postgraduate Committee

Department of Computer Science
University of Hong Kong
CB327, Chow Yei Ching Building
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

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  • I am looking for top graduate students. Please click here for more details.
  • Congratulations to my PhD students Mr. Siqiang Luo, Ms. Caihua Shan, and Mr. Zhipeng Huang for getting the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF). [ 1/4/15 ]
  • Congratulations to Ms. Luyi Mo, my PhD student, for getting the Google Hong Kong Anita Borg Scholarship twice, in 2013 and 2014. [ 20/6/2014 ]
  • We have presented a tutorial on database crowdsourcing in PAKDD 2014. The tutorial website is available here. [ 16/5/2014 ]

Biography [ CV ]

Phone: (+852) 2219-4778       Fax: (+852) 2559-8447       Email: ckcheng (at)       URL:      

Dr. Reynold Cheng is an Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science in the University of Hong Kong. He was an Assistant Professor in HKU in 2008-11. He received his BEng ( Computer Engineering ) in 1998, and MPhil ( Computer Science and Information Systems ) in 2000, from the Department of Computer Science in the University of Hong Kong. He then obtained his MSc and PhD from Department of Computer Science of Purdue University in 2003 and 2005 respectively. Dr. Cheng was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computing of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University during 2005-08. He was a visiting scientist in the Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems in the University of Stuttgart during the summer of 2006.

Dr. Cheng was granted an Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2011-12 by HKU. He was the recipient of the 2010 Research Output Prize in the Department of Computer Science of HKU. He also received the U21 Fellowship in 2011. He received the Performance Reward in years 2006 and 2007 awarded by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is the Chair of the Department Research Postgraduate Committee, and was the Vice Chairperson of the ACM ( Hong Kong Chapter ) in 2013. He is a member of the IEEE, the ACM, the Special Interest Group on Management of Data ( ACM SIGMOD ), and the UPE (Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society). He is an editorial board member of TKDE, DAPD and IS, and was a guest editor for TKDE, DAPD, and Geoinformatica. He is a senior PC member for DASFAA 2015, PC co-chair of APWeb 2015, area chair for CIKM 2014, area chair for Encyclopedia of Database Systems, program co-chair of SSTD 2013, and a workshop co-chair of ICDE 2014. He received an Outstanding Service Award in the CIKM 2009 conference. He has served as PC members and reviewer for top conferences (e.g., SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, EDBT, KDD, ICDM, and CIKM) and journals (e.g., TODS, TKDE, VLDBJ, IS, and TMC).



Dr. Cheng's main research area is large-scale data management. He has been working on the modeling, querying, cleaning, mining, and system development of uncertain databases for some time. Recently, he has also studied social networks, knowledge bases, and crowdsourcing technologies.

Major Research Grants [ Complete List ]

  1. Efficient Query Algorithms for Uncertain Graph Databases (PI, RGC GRF, Ref: 17205115, 2015-17), Co-I: W. Fan and P. Senellart. Amount: HKD 462,528.
  2. UV-Diagram: A Voronoi Diagram for Uncertain Spatial Databases (PI, RGC GRF, Ref: 711110, 2011-13), Co-I: K. Rothermel and M. L. Yiu. Amount: HKD 746,400. (Completed)
  3. Scalable Cleaning of Probabilistic Databases with Quality Guarantees (PI, RGC GRF, Ref: 711309E, 2010-12), Co-I: K. Rothermel and D. Olteanu. Amount: HKD 696,500. (Completed)
  4. Scalable Continuous Query Processing on Imprecise Location Data (PI, RGC GRF, Ref: 513508, 2009-11). Co-I: K. Rothermel. Amount: HKD 645,950. (Completed)
  5. Adaptive Filters for Continuous Queries over Constantly-Evolving Data Streams (PI, RGC CERG, Ref: 513307, 2008-10). Co-I: K. Rothermel. Amount: HKD 391,512. (Completed)
  6. Privacy Protection in Location-based Services with Location Cloaking (PI, RGC CERG. Ref: 513806, 2007-09). Co-I: E. Bertino and S. Prabhakar. Amount: HKD 356,000 (Completed).


[ 2016 ]

  1. Zhenguo Li, Yixiang Fang, Qin Liu, Jiefeng Cheng, Reynold Cheng, and John C. S. Lui: Walking in the Cloud: Parallel SimRank at Scale. In VLDB 2016, 9(1).

[ 2015 ]

  1. Siyu Lei, Silviu Maniu, Luyi Mo, Reynold Cheng, and Pierre Senellart. Online Influence Maximization. In the 21th ACM SIGKDD Intl. Conf. on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2015), Sydney, Australia, August 2015.
  2. Yudian Zheng, Jiannan Wang, Guoling Li, Reynold Cheng, and J. Feng. QASCA: A Quality-Aware Task Assignment System for Crowdsourcing Applications. In ACM SIGMOD Intl. Conf. on Management of Data (SIGMOD 2015), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, May 2015. [ Talk ] [ Poster ] [ More ]
  3. Yudian Zheng, Reynold Cheng, Silviu Maniu, Luyi Mo. On Optimality of Jury Selection in Crowdsourcing. In ACM EDBT Intl. Conf. on Extending Database Technology (EDBT 2015), Brussels, Belgium, March 2015. [ Talk ] [ More ]
  4. Changping Meng, Reynold Cheng, Silviu Maniu, Pierre Senellart, and Wangda Zhang. Discovering Meta-Paths in Large Heterogeneous Information Networks. In the 24th Intl. World Wide Web Conf. (WWW 2015), Florence, Italy, May 2015.
  5. Jiafeng Hu, Reynold Cheng, Dingming Wu, and Beihong Jin. Efficient Top-k Subscription Matching for Location-Aware Publish/Subscribe. In the 14th Intl. Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases (SSTD 2015), Hong Kong, August 2015.
  6. T. Emrich, K. A. Schmid, A. Zuefle, M. Renz, and Reynold Cheng. Uncertain Voronoi Cell Computation based on Space Decomposition. In the 14th Intl. Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases (SSTD 2015), Hong Kong, August 2015.
  7. Chun Jiang Zhu, Kam-yiu Lam, Reynold Cheng, Chung Keung Poon. On using broadcast index for efficient execution of shortest path continuous queries. Inf. Syst. 49: 142-162 (2015).

[ 2014 ]

  1. Yu Tang, Leong Hou U, Yilun Cai, Nikos Mamoulis, Reynold Cheng. Earth Mover's Distance based Similarity Search at Scale. In PVLDB 7(4), pp. 313-324. In VLDB 2014.
  2. Wangda Zhang, Reynold Cheng, Ben Kao. Evaluating multi-way joins over discounted hitting time. ICDE 2014: 724-735.
  3. Chenghui Ren, Luyi Mo, Ben Kao, Reynold Cheng, David W. Cheung. CLUDE: An Efficient Algorithm for LU Decomposition Over a Sequence of Evolving Graphs. EDBT 2014: 319-330.
  4. Xike Xie, Man Lung Yiu, Reynold Cheng, Hua Lu. Scalable Evaluation of Trajectory Queries over Imprecise Location Data. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 26(8): 2029-2044 (2014).
  5. Siyu Lei, Xuan S. Yang, Luyi Mo, Silviu Maniu, Reynold Cheng. iTag: Incentive-based tagging. ICDE 2014: 1186-1189 (Demo paper).
  6. Reynold Cheng, Y. Fang, and M. Renz. Uncertain Data Classification. In Data Classification: Algorithms and Applications, C. C. Aggarwal (eds.), Chapman & Hall / CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series, May 2014, ISBN: 978-1466586741.

[ 2013 ]

  1. Xike Xie, Reynold Cheng, Man-Lung Yiu, Liwen Sun, and Jinchuan Chen. UV-Diagram: A Voronoi Diagram for Uncertain Spatial Databases. In the Very Large Databases Journal (VLDBJ), 22(3), pp. 319-344, June 2013.
  2. Luyi Mo, Reynold Cheng, Xiang Li, David Cheung, and Xuan Yang. Cleaning Uncertain Data for Top-k Queries. In Intl. Conf. on Data Engineering (IEEE ICDE 2013), Brisbane, Apr 2013. [ Talk ]
  3. Xuan S. Yang, Reynold Cheng, Luyi Mo, Ben Kao, David W. Cheung. On incentive-based tagging. ICDE 2013: 685-696. [ Talk ]
  4. Peiwu Zhang, Reynold Cheng, Nikos Mamoulis, Matthias Renz, Andreas Züfle, Yu Tang, Tobias Emrich. Voronoi-based nearest neighbor search for multi-dimensional uncertain databases. ICDE 2013: 158-169. [ Talk ]
  5. Xike Xie, Reynold Cheng, Man Lung Yiu, Liwen Sun, Jinchuan Chen. UV-diagram: a voronoi diagram for uncertain spatial databases. VLDB J. 22(3): 319-344 (2013).
  6. Luyi Mo, Reynold Cheng, Ben Kao, Xuan S. Yang, Chenghui Ren, Siyu Lei, David W. Cheung, Eric Lo. Optimizing plurality for human intelligence tasks. CIKM 2013: 1929-1938. [ Talk ]
  7. Zhian He, Petrie Wong, Ben Kao, Eric Lo, Reynold Cheng. Fast evaluation of iceberg pattern-based aggregate queries. CIKM 2013: 2219-2224.

[ Selected Publications Before 2013 ]

  1. Liwen Sun, Reynold Cheng, Xiang Li, David Cheung, and Jiawen Han. On Link-based Similarity Join. In VLDB 2011. [ Talk ]
  2. Reynold Cheng, Eric Lo, Xuan Yang, Ming-Hay Luk, Xiang Li, and Xike Xie. Explore or Exploit? Effective Strategies for Disambiguating Large Databases. In VLDB 2010. [ Talk ]
  3. Liwen Sun, Reynold Cheng, David Cheung, and Jiefeng Cheng. Mining Uncertain Data with Probabilistic Guarantees. In the 16th ACM SIGKDD Conf. on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (ACM SIGKDD), Washington D.C., USA, Jul 2010.
  4. Jinchuan Chen, Reynold Cheng, Mohammed Mokbel and Chi-Yin Chow. Scalable Processing of Snapshot and Continuous Nearest-Neighbor Queries over One-Dimensional Uncertain Data. In VLDBJ, Special Issue on Uncertain and Probabilistic Databases, 18(5), 2009. (Awarded Research Output Prize in Dept. of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, HKU, 2010).
  5. Reynold Cheng, Jinchuan Chen, Mohamed Mokbel, and Chi-Yin Chow. Probabilistic Verifiers: Evaluating Constrained Probabilistic Nearest-Neighbor Queries over Uncertain Data. In the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Data Engineering (IEEE ICDE 2008), Cancun, Mexico, Apr, 2008. [ Talk ]
  6. Reynold Cheng, Jinchuan Chen and Xike Xie. Cleaning Uncertain Data with Quality Guarantees. In VLDB 2008. [ Talk ]
  7. Yufei Tao, Xiaokui Xiao and Reynold Cheng. Range Search on Multidimensional Uncertain Data. In ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 32(3), 2007.
  8. Reynold Cheng, Yuni Xia, Sunil Prabhakar, Rahul Shah and Jeffrey Vitter. Efficient Indexing Methods for Probabilistic Threshold Queries over Uncertain Data. VLDB, 2004. [ Talk ]
  9. Reynold Cheng, Dmitri Kalashnikov, and Sunil Prabhakar. Querying Imprecise Data in Moving Object Environments. In IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (IEEE TKDE), Vol. 16, No. 9, pp. 1112-1127, Sep 2004.
  10. Reynold Cheng, Dmitri Kalashnikov and Sunil Prabhakar. Evaluating Probabilistic Queries over Imprecise Data. In ACM SIGMOD, 2003. [ Talk ]



Current PhD Students

Graduated Students

  • Changpeng Meng ( MPhil, graduated in 2014, now PhD candidate in Purdue University )
  • Yu Tang ( MPhil, graduated in 2014; now PhD candidate in Oxford University )
  • Siyu Lei ( MPhil, graduated in 2015 )
  • Wangda Zhang ( MPhil, graduated in 2013; now PhD candidate in Columbia University )
  • Xuan Yang ( PhD, graduated in 2013 )
  • Peiwu Zhang ( MPhil, graduated in 2012 )
  • Yifan Jin ( MPhil, graduated in 2012 )
  • Xike Xie ( PhD, graduated in 2012; now assistant professor in Aalborg University, Denmark )
  • Jim Gong ( PhD, graduated in 2011 )
  • Jinchuan Chen ( PhD, HKPU, graduated in 2009; now associate professor in Renmin University )
  • Xiang Li ( MPhil, graduated in 2012; now in Merrill Lynch, Hong Kong )
  • Liwen Sun ( MPhil, graduated in 2010; now PhD candidate in UC Berkeley )
  • Yinuo Zhang ( MPhil, graduated in 2010; now PhD candidate in USC )

Postdoctoral Researcher



( UG = undergraduate course; PG = graduate course )

[ In HKU ]

  • The Age of Big Data ( UG, Common Core, Fall 2013, Spring 2015 )
  • Introduction to Database Management Systems ( UG, Spring 2009-10, Fall 2010, Fall 2013 )
  • Advanced Topics in Data Engineering ( PG, Fall 2012 )
  • Introduction to Database Management Systems (HKU, Spring 2009-10, Fall 2010)
  • Topics in Computer Science: Uncertainty Management ( PG, Fall 2011 )
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning ( PG, Spring 2009 )
  • Topics in Computer Systems: Workflow Management ( PG, Fall 2008, Summer 2010, Spring 2011 )

[ In Hong Kong Polytechnic University ]

  • Wireless Computing Systems and Applications ( PG, Fall 2005-07 )
  • Workflow Management and Collaborative Systems ( PG, Spring 2006-07 )
  • Principles of Programming ( UG, Fall 2006 )

Teaching Related Grants

  • PI – The Development of the Common Core Course “The Age of Big Data” (Teaching Development Grant, HKU, 2015. Ref: 101000560).
  • Co-I ( PI: M. Wang ) – Support Self-Directed Learning in Interdisciplinary Studies by Developing a Knowledge Visualization and Navigation System ( Teaching Development Grant, HKU, 2009-11 ). Amount: HKD 268,240.



  1. Recipient of the Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2011-12, HKU
  2. Recipient of U21 Fellowship 2011
  3. 2010 Research Output Prize in HKU Computer Science
  4. William Mong Visiting Research Fellowship 2011-12, with Prof. Divyakant Agrawal from University of California, Santa Barbara
  5. Performance Rewards, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2007)
  6. Performance Rewards, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2006)

My Students’ Awards

  1. Yudian Zheng, my PhD student, won the SIGMOD 2015 Travel Grant.
  2. Jason Meng, my MPhil student, won the WWW 2015 Student Travel Grant.
  3. Luyi Mo, my PhD student, won the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited Postgraduate Scholarship 2012-13.
  4. Luyi Mo, my PhD student, won the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship awarded by the Hong Kong RGC, 2011.
  5. Lau Kai Wai Elvis, Lau Si Kit Alex, Li Tang Tommy, Chau Kei Man, my FYP students, won the Champion prize for the HKU Final-Year Project Competition, on An Intelligent Mobile Transport System, 2010-11.
  6. Bryan Hui, Li Man Ho, Michael Lau, and Hao Chan, my FYP students, won the First runner-up prize for the HKU Final-Year Project Competition, on Energy-aware location-based services, 2009-10
  7. The HKU programming team, coached by me, obtained an honorable mention in the World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, in Stockholm in April 2009.
  8. The HKU team, coached by me, won the 2nd Runner-Up award in the IBM Inter-University Programming Contest 2009.
  9. Three HKU programming teams, coached by me, won the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards in the ACM Collegiate Programming Regional Contest (Indonesia), 2008.
  10. Chan Hong Ming, my FYP student, won the Merit Awards of the Charles Baggage Final Year Project Awards, HKPU, 2007/08.
  11. Kitty Yuen, my FYP student, won the champion of the Amway Pan-Pearl IT Project Competition, China, for the final year project in 2007.
  12. Kitty Yuen and Terry Wong, my FYP students, won the Merit Awards of the Charles Baggage Final Year Project Awards, HKPU, 2006/07.


Professional Services

  1. Editorial Board Member of the Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  2. Editorial Board Member of Distributed and Parallel Databases Journal
  3. Editorial Advisory Board Member of Information Systems
  4. Guest Editor of Geoinformatica, 2013
  5. Guest Editor of Distributed and Parallel Databases, 2013
  6. Area Editor of the Encyclopedia of Database Systems, 2nd edition (co-edited by T. Oszu and L. Liu)
  7. Guest Editor of IEEE TKDE, 2010
  8. Vice Chairperson of the ACM Hong Kong Chapter 2012; Workshop Co-chair of ICDE 2014; Program Co-chair of SSTD 2013; Organizer of VLDB 2013, PAKDD 2011 PhD Symposium, ICDE 2010, MDM 2010, ICDE 2009, ICDM 2007 workshops; Registration Chair of CIKM 2009
  9. PC member in more than 60 international conferences/workshops, including ACM SIGMOD, VLDB, IEEE ICDE, and KDD, CIKM and ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS Reviewer of top database and data mining journals, including TODS, VLDBJ, TKDE, IS, IEEE TC, and IEEE ToN


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