VR Technology in self-defined clothing



smartFit - an iOS mobile application which features precise body measurements and 3D virtual fitting targeting at online clothing purchases - is proposed in this project. By employing some image processing techniques offered in OpenCV library, body measurements can be retrieved from photos inputted from a user. Given the body measurements of the user and a generic 3D human model, an avatar of the user can be constructed. With the application of virtual reality (VR), the user is able to view his or her avatar who has put on clothes according to user’s preference in a virtual environment. It is hoped that the mobile application can give online shoppers the confidence in finding their perfect fit and right style so as to revolutionize online shopping experience and enhance customers’ satisfaction.


Motivation: This project is initiated from a recent shopping phenomenon in Hong Kong’s e-commerce market. It is observed that there has been a boom in online sales, especially in the clothing industry, though feedback from the customers about their online shopping experience was quite unfavorable. A great disappointment regarding the actual product they received and its wrong sizing was expressed. Since virtual reality (VR) can give users an illusion of behaving like in the real world, our team decide to utilize this powerful technology to resolve the problem encountered by many online shoppers.

Objective: Our goal is to improve online shopping experience and raise customers’ satisfaction. Online shoppers no longer purchase the wrong style or unfit clothing and retailers have to suffer a significant number of returns and the associated costs. We attempt to breach the gap between shopping offline and online believing that people can purchase online as if they go to a store with the benefits brought by adopting VR in our mobile application. This is a first ever idea that can bring convenience to online shoppers and uncover the potential customer value hidden in online shopping.


Interim Report
Final Report


Oct 2016
  • Deliverables of Phase 1 (Inception)
  • • Detailed project plan
    • Project web page

  • 2 Oct

  • Internal phase 1 implementation

    • Prepare a generic 3D humanoid model
    • Basic analysis on 3D model and study of available open source libraries

  • 4 - 31 Oct

Nov 2016
  • Internal phase 2 implementation

    • Body Measurements
    • Prepare DB Server
    • User Interface of the App

  • 2 Nov - 23 Dec

Jan 2017
  • First presentation
  • 9 - 13 Jan

  • Deliverables of Phase 2(Elaboration)
  • • Preliminary implementation
    • Detailed interim report

  • 22 Jan

  • Internal phase 3 implementation

    • Apply VR technology in displaying
    • Analysis enhancement

  • 25 Jan - 24 Feb

Mar 2017
  • Internal phase 4 implementation

    • Optimization and Testing

  • 1 Mar - 8 Apr

Apr 2017
  • Deliverables of Phase 3 (Construction)
  • • Finalized tested implementation
    • Final report

  • 16 Apr

  • Final presentation
  • 18 - 21 Apr

our team


Dr. C.K. Chui


Ho Ka Miu


Tang Chun Keung