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A brief idea to our project

With the increase of need on workplace flexibility and instant management of document in the modern business, the idea of mobile document management system (MDMS) has been proposed to enhance traditional document management system (DMS) and make up the deficiency of the traditional DMS. MDMS is an application to support document management at any time and place. These instant upload, fast access and easy-to-retrieve of document anywhere are highly demanded by companies. In the era of mobile devices, with the help of a little handheld mobile gadget equipping with different hardware and apps, this mobility can be easily achieved by installing a MDMS app on the mobile device.

The aim of our project is to design and develop MDMS for small companies, for easy achieve, retrieval, mobile access and workflow support with high usability and security in order to address the following problems and streamline the process of document management in small businesses:

  • Lack of business workflow support

  • Loss of mobile device

  • Low adoption rate of DMS in small businesses is also worthy of attention


What the app can do

Document storage

  • Store various document types, including word-processing files, emails, PDFs, images and spreadsheets

Searching an entire storage space by keywords and tags

  • Search the content of file and fast retrieval of the searching result

Monitoring who is viewing documents and when

  • Track and report edits being made to documents by statistic

Versioning of edited documents

  • Backup and retrieve previous versions of edited documents for failure recovery

  • Represent editing history of a document by a graphical tree

Defining and managing business workflow

  • Define a route that document will send to and the action needed to follow like comment and signature with a specific deadline

  • Allow user to trace the progress and where the document is like checking parcels in TAO BAO

Mobile oriented document operations

  • Simple user interface with large document icon and button

  • Make use of touch-friendly features of mobile device, user can simply send and upload documents with the flick of your finger like drag and drag

  • Generate QR code to share document to external user instantly

  • Support user to capture documents by camera and classify them by tagging

  • Wi-Fi printing

  • View document with a larger font size

  • To fit with the size of the mobile device, instant document editing features like merging and slicing will be provided


  • User login

  • Restricting access to certain documents by permission setting

  • Encrypt document while uploading

  • Auto log out when the app is idle for too long

  • Limit the number of device allowed to use the system for each user, e.g. each user is only allowed to register at most 2 mobile devices

Calendar and user preference

  • All deadlines of the document that need to handle will be shown in a calendar to fully utilize the business workflow

  • Have notification to remind user when the deadline approaches

  • Allow user to prioritize the documents and sort files by tag, name or date

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we are from the University of Hong Kong


Dr. Vincent Lau






Charlae LAM



Felix YIM


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