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Diagnostic Assessment

The assessment serves as a simple test for parents to notify the dyslexic symptoms in advance.

Interactive Game Exercise

The game exercise includes vibration, motion sensor, sound, drag-and-drop and drawing. They train the dyslexic children in 5 specific areas — phonological awareness, processing speed, orthographic awareness, working memory and memory span.

Parent Panel

In the parent parnel, Parents can customize game levels and view children’s ability analysis. Parents are able to keep track to the child's performance in game exercise.

Handwriting Recognition

Without confirmation by a person ,the applcation can recognize the letter or number wiriten by the children..

Game Level Customization

Parents are able to customize the game level at the parent panel. All the customized game levels will be stored in the database and the dataset of game levels will become larger and larger.

Children’s Ability Analysis

The children’s abilities are displayed in radar chart. The scales is firstly defined by the result of the diagnostic assessment, then the measurement will be adjusted if they finish the assessment again.


DyslexHero is a mobile application which helps to evaluate preschool and kindergarten children which are suspected of dyslexia and provides various types of games to improve their reading and writing ability. DyslexHero serves as a pioneer in facilitating the research of dyslexia and discovering the weaknesses of dyslexia by collecting the result of games. This project plan explains the design and implementation of the development of DyslexHero. It includes crowdsourcing to generate new games and machine learning to recognize the correctness of writing.

Project Plan

Deliverable of Phrase 1

Interim Report

Deliverable of Phrase 2

Final Report

Deliverable of Phrase 3


  • 2

    Deliverables of Phase 1 (Inception)

    • Detailed project plan
    • Project web page

  • 9-13

    First presentation

  • 22

    Deliverables of Phase 2 (Elaboration)

    • Preliminary implementation
    • Detailed interim report

  • 16

    Deliverables of Phase 3 (Construction)

    • Finalized tested implementation
    • Final report

  • 18-21

    Final Presentation

  • 2

    Project Exhibition

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