Mixed Reality


This project is about a game application for Virtual Reality. It introduces new methods and ways to interact with the Virtual Reality environment. It also focusses on multi player involvement for a VR game. It will allow mobile phone users and people wearing VR headsets to interact and play the game together.

The current storyline for the game would be that there are two people using Vive and battling each other on a battlefield. Mobile phone users can join in at any time using the QR code open on the desktop app and choose either players team to battle against the other. The role of the mobile user would be to help their team defeat the other team in the battle. Battle here is not limited to battle by combat. There would be several tasks that the team needs to perform before they are declared winners like surviving mine field by carefully navigating your way out of that area. The mobile phone user has to play different types of mini games to play his/her next move on the battlefield. For example, if the mobile phone user wants to plant a bomb for the other team, he/she needs to draw a circle with given radius and should have 96% accuracy to be able to place the bomb. Then the mobile phone user and the Vive user can plan a strategy and perform the tasks accordingly.


Yi-King Choi


Riddhi Kasliwal



Project Plan

The entire project would be updated on Github regularly. The project plan can be found here.

Schedule to complete the project:

Date Milestone
26 October 2016   Multiplayer Vive to Vive game by Post Graduate students
16 November 2016   Game Server modifications
30 November 2016   Third person view for the VR game on mobile
28 December 2016   Real time syncing for mobile phones and Vive
15 February 2017   Project game mechanics and implementation
1 March 2017   Mobile game application - UI
15 March 2017   Mobile game application - mini games automization
5 April 2017   Any additional features
12 April 2017   Deploying application for various platforms
April 2017   Testing
April 2017   Final Presentation


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Last Updated: 10/2016