Mixed Reality System

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Our final year project, Mixed reality system, is a multiplayer game-like application involving two different mixed reality devices, Microsoft HoloLens and Google Tango tablets. With depth-sensor-enabled devices, multiple users can collaborate and design the setting of one virtual city with the view of the same physical environment from their own devices. Our object is to find the capabilities as well as the limitations of the recent mixed reality devices and try to explore the possible usage for innovative and creative works.

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Our Team

1 Supervisor + 2 Members
Working on 2 Platforms

Dr. Loretta Yi-King Choi


Gary Ng Koon Hang


Shi Sheng Wang


Project Plan

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Interim Report

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Final Report

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Project Details

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"Divided into two groups, our team will study the individual behaviours of the two developing platforms, say Microsoft HoloLens and Google Tango. Prototypes for testing will be implemented afterwards and the parameters will be refined once the multiplayer support is ready."

- Methodologies

"We are currently working on the research of the mixed reality devices."

- Progress

"The final deliverables are the working applications on Microsoft HoloLens and Google Tango tablets ready for real-time demonstration in public. You may come back and check the deliverables later."

- Deliverables

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