Sensitivity Analysis of a Bayesian Network for Reasoning about Digital Forensic Evidence


A Complexity Based Model for Quantifying Forensic Evidential Probabilities


Evaluation of Evidence in Internet Auction Fraud Investigations


Identifying Volatile Memory Data from Multiple Memory Dumps in Live Forensics


Identifying First Seeders in Foxy Peer-to-Peer Networks


An Analysis of the Green Dam Youth Escort Software


Forensic Analysis of Popular Chinese Internet Applications


Privacy Reference Monitor – A Computer Model for Law Compliant Privacy Protection


Analyzing Storage Media of Digital Camera


Memory Acquisition: A 2-Take Approach


A Host-based Approach to BotNet Investigation


Forensic Investigation of Peer-to-Peer Networks

Coming soon

A Digital Forensics View of the Yahoo! Case


A Cost-Effective Digial Forensic Investigation Model


A Heuristic Approach for Investigating the P2P Foxy Network


Security Analysis of the Foxy Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Tool


Protecting Digital Legal Professional Privilege (LPP) Data


Reasoning About Evidence using Bayesian Networks


Consistency Issue on Live Systems Forensics


Improving Disk Sector Integrity Using 3-dimension Hashing Scheme


BTM – An Automated Rule-based BT Monitoring System for Piracy Detection


Tools and Technology for Computer Forensics: Research and Development in Hong Kong (invited paper)


The Rules of Time on NTFS File System


Intrusion Detection Routers: Design, Implementation and Evaluation Using an Experimental Testbed


Digital Evidence Search Kit


A Generic Anti-Spyware Solution by Access Control List at Kernel Level


Design of a Cyber Forensic Tool (invited paper)


Review of the Electronic Transaction Ordinance


Object-based Surveillance Video Retrieval SystemWith Real-Time Indexing Methodology


Watershed Segmentation with Boundary Curvature Ratio Based Merging Criterion


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