Short Bio

As a first year PhD student, I joined Graphics Group in Department of Computer Science of HKU in August 2014. Before that I received my B.E. degree in Software School from Shandong University, China, 2014. Now, my supervisor is Prof. Wenping Wang.


  • Flow Aligned Surfacing of Curve Networks

    ACM Trans. Graph., proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2015
    Hao Pan, Yang Liu, Alla Sheffer, Nicholas Vining, Changjian Li, Wenping Wang

    We propose a new approach for automatic surfacing of 3D curve networks, a long standing computer graphics problem which has garnered new attention with the emergence of sketch based modeling systems capable of producing such networks. Our approach is motivated by recent studies suggesting that artist-designed curve networks consist of descriptive curves that convey intrinsic shape properties, and are dominated by representative flow lines designed to convey the principal curvature lines on the surface. Studies indicate that viewers complete the intended surface shape by envisioning a surface whose curvature lines smoothly blend these flow-line curves. Following these observations we design a surfacing framework that automatically aligns the curvature lines of the constructed surface with the representative flow lines and smoothly interpolates these representative flow, or curvature directions while minimizing undesired curvature variation...