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Top Coder Algorithm Tutorial

An algorithm tutor present by “Topcoder”. Introduce the basic concept of algorithm. Clear Explanation the importance, time complicity and proof on the topics . Give sample pseudo code on each algorithm.


A Chinese website covers all basic algorithms. Give tutorial on useful data structure. Contain sample code with very detail explanation.


Widely cover most area of algorithm. Clearly explain the definition and proof of the algorithm. Contain pseudo code.

The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository

Cover some Advance and ultra-topics algorithm. Only give the definition on the algorithm and sample implementation solution on different language.


Mainly introduce the String algorithm. Cover many advance algorithms on string. Give the definition of the algorithm and sample C code.

Talk on geometry. Using the mathematics calculation steps to explain the algorithm and also contain the coding on C++.
Special topics on graph algorithms Focus on graph algorithm. Descript the algorithm with graph. Given pseudo code.




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