I received my M.Phil. degree from the Department of Computer Science, University of Hong Kong (HKU), advised by Prof. Nikos Mamoulis. My research interests lie in the fields of retrieval, management and mining of the social and information networks that underpin the World-Wide Web. Here are some topics I am working on:

  • Large-Scale Graph Data Management and Analytics
  • Recommender Systems (e.g., Social Recommender Systems, Matrix Factorization for Recommendation, Memory-based and Model-based Collaborative Filtering)
  • Management and Mining of High-Dimensional Data


  1. Overlapping Community Regularization for Rating Prediction in Social Recommender Systems

    Hui Li, Dingming Wu, Wenbin Tang and Nikos Mamoulis

    In Proceedings of the 9th ACM Recommender Systems Conference (RecSys), Vienna, Austria, 2015.

    [pdf] [slides] [video]

  2. A Revisit to Social Network-Based Recommender Systems

    Hui Li, Dingming Wu and Nikos Mamoulis

    In Proceedings of the 37th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Gold Coast, Australia, 2014.

    [pdf] [poster]

  3. HMM-Based FCM Algorithm for Gene Sequences Clustering (in Chinese)

    Hui Li and Wei Liu

    Application Research of Computers, 30 (Suppl): 175-176, 2013.

  4. Content-Based Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Using HMM

    Hui Li, Fei Cai and Zhifang Liao

    In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences (ICCIS), Chongqing, China, 2012.

Professional Services

  • PC Member: SIGIR 2015, 2016 (short paper)

Selected Awards

  • Postgraduate Scholarship, University of Hong Kong2013 - 2015
  • Third Class Prize in Android Challenge for Chinese Students (Central China Region), Google2011
  • Outstanding Award in CSCUP, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences2011