Team Formation Test 2009

  • Date: Sep 25, 2009
  • Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm (PC^2 testing: 6:30-6:40; Actual contest: 6:40 - 9:30)
  • Venue: HW311
  • Format:

    1. Team contest, open for all. Each team can have 1 to 3 members.
    2. The top 3 teams can go to regional. If any of these teams is not full (i.e., it has less than 3 members), it can invite others to join after TFT.
  • We will try to ask Department for supporting 4 teams to 1 site. Good luck to us for it.
  • The teams Far, Lalala and Temp captured the Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up, respectively, in Team Formation Test. Congratulations to them!
  • Special thanks are given to Angela Siu for setting up PC^2 and to Michael Chen, Louis Siu, Kelly Choi, Stephen Lai and Porsche Lam for setting up the problems.


  1. Testing -- Test input, and output.
  2. Spanning Trees -- by Michael Chen -- Test input, output, and sample solution.
  3. Regular Expression -- by Louis Siu -- Test input, output, generator, sample solution, and java solution.
  4. Tree in the Typhoon -- by Kelly Choi -- Test input, output, generator, generator input, and sample solution.
  5. You Jump I Jump -- by Stephen Lai -- Test input, output, generator, slow solution, and sample solution.
  6. Pieces of Cake -- by Porsche Lam -- Test input, output, and sample solution.
  7. Remove this problem -- by Chan Ho Leung -- Test input, output, and sample solution.
  8. Vote


RankNameSolvedTime    A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H    Total att/solv
4Stephen & Louis34481/260/--0/--7/1771/1250/--4/--0/--13/3
Submitted/1st Yes/Total Yes12/0/82/11/12/--/020/146/325/125/233/54/57/74/21/174/1102/22

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Last updated Fri Sep 25 21:56:18 HKT 2009