Villagers' Headache

Time limit: 20 seconds


In the Aboriginal County of Mammoths (ACM), inhabitants have started to build their villages a few years ago. For each village, they paved a long trail and constructed huts, farms, waterwheels, mills and mammoth stables along the trail. A few villages have now been established. In order to satisfy the increasing transportation needs, the villagers extended one end of the trail of each village to intersect at a common point called "the Crossroads". Summits are held annually to facilitate the exchange of ideas and enhance cooperation between the villages.

The first summit was held at "the Crossroads", for symbolizing unity, equality and "crossroads" - a place for making important decisions. During the summit, a young girl stood out and questioned the selection of the venue, "My sixth sense tells me that the Crossroads is not the best location for summits. Summits should be held at a place that minimizes the total distance from our huts to maximize efficiency. Although villagers from some villages need to walk a longer distance, it symbolizes real unity, cooperation, ingenuity and that we are not stuck at the crossroads, being indecisive!"

The villagers are at the crossroads, their opinions divided. What is the optimal location for holding the summit, if the total distance from all huts to the summit is to be minimized?


The input starts with the number of test cases t. t test cases follow. For each case, the first line is the number of villages n. Each of the next n lines gives the hut locations in village i. Line i starts with the number of huts in village i, hi. Then follows hi non-negative integers, which are the distance of each of the hi huts from the Crossroads. The total number of huts is at most 100000.


For each test case, print the best location for holding summits. That is, the location along the trails that minimizes the total distance from all huts. If the Crossroads is the best location, print "The Crossroads". Otherwise, print the ID of the village where summits should be held and the distance between the best location and the Crossroads, correct to the nearest integer. If more than one best location exist, choose the village with the smallest ID. If more than one best location exist in the village, choose the location closest to the Crossroads.

Sample Input

1 2
1 2
1 2
1 2
1 2
3 1 3 5

Sample output

The Crossroads
3 1


Louis Siu