Exhibition day frequently asked questions 作品展覽日常見問題

  1. Is there parking space? 有泊車位嗎?
  2. What should I do in the participant on-site preparation session? 參賽隊伍展覽前準備時我要做甚麼?
  3. Is power supply available on site? 場地有電源供應嗎?
  4. Is exhibition board available on site? 場地有展板供應嗎?
  5. Is wired/wireless network available on site? 場地有無線或有線網絡提供嗎?
  6. Which language should we use to present the project to visitors? 我應該用哪種語言介紹作品及參觀者?
  7. Is there a duration limit in presenting the project to visitors? 我們介紹作品有時限嗎?
  8. We have prepared materials only for the judges. How can we identify them? 我們準備了一些專給評判看的東西。我怎樣知道誰是評判?
  9. When will the judges come? 評判何時會來?
  10. The time schedule makes lunch arrangements difficult. We want to make sure that everybody stand by all the time when the judges come. 沒有午飯時間很麻煩啊!我們想評判來時每個組員也在嘛!
  11. The award presentation ceremony is not open for public but my friends and family want to stay. Can they? 頒獎典禮不開放予公眾,但我的親友想看,可以嗎?