HO, Roy Sai-chuen

B.Eng., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Hong Kong)

Email: scho@cs.hku.hk

Systems Research Group

Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong

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Research interests

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Note: Online materials provided below are copyrighted and intended for personal use only. To reprint/republish any component of these materials requires prior specific permission from the respective copyright holder(s).

  1. R.S.C. Ho, C.L. Wang, and F.C.M. Lau, "Lightweight Process Migration and Memory Prefetching in openMosix", Proceedings of 22nd IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2008), Miami, USA, April 14-18, 2008.
  2. K.C.K. Tsang, R.S.C. Ho, M.C.M. Tsang, C.L. Wang, and F.C.M. Lau, "An Adaptive Multipath Protocol for Efficient IP Handoff in Mobile Wireless Networks", Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA 2006), Vienna, Austria, April 18-20, 2006, 503-508.
  3. R.S.C. Ho, K.K. Yin, D.C.M. Lee, D.H.F. Hung, C.L. Wang, and F.C.M. Lau, "InstantGrid: A Framework for On-Demand Grid Point Construction", Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing (GCC 2004), Wuhan, China, October 21-24, 2004, 911-914. An extended version.
  4. R.S.C. Ho, D.C.M. Lee, D.H.F. Hung, C.L. Wang, and F.C.M. Lau, "On Managing Execution Environments for Utility Computing", Proceedings of Network Research Workshop 2004, 18th Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Meetings (APAN 2004), Cairns, Australia, July 6, 2004, 175-182.
  5. F.C.M. Lau, R.S.C. Ho, and C.L. Wang, "Grid Computing in Hong Kong: Research and Development" (invited position paper), Proceedings of 10th IEEE International Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems (FTDCS 2004), Suzhou, China, May 26-28, 2004, 205-208.
  6. K. Hwang, H. Jin, and R.S.C. Ho, "Orthogonal Striping and Mirroring in Distributed RAID for I/O-Centric Cluster Computing", IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2002, 26-44.
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