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The Missing Pieces of Learning Programming, collaboration

Education is old, so does the way we learning programming. Traditionally, we learn programming though teachers’ notes and guidelines, supplemented with tutorials, individual assignments and labs. This traditional way of learning programming is fine, designed to teach students the fundamental concert of programming and logic. However, when it comes to real world programming practice, something is missing.

Living in a cyber society connected with internet, we work productively by collaborating with each other. In order to learn and gain more experience on collaborative programming, a new form of programming education is needed. We seek cues from Facebook and Codecademy, learning how they developed a successful modal. Now we introduce our platform for online collaborative programming learning to disrupt traditional programming education.

ur Learning platform for collaborative programming values “collaboration” the most. We introduced numerous core features like collaborative drawing board, team matching system, voice and message chat, peer comment and concurrent document editing.
Codecademy is by now the most similar product in the market. It is an online learning platform for programming where students can login and learn programming with step by step guide. Our Learning platform however, focus on enhancing student’s collaboration skills on programming, rather than each student finish their programming assignment on their own like Codecademy.
Beside, our platform is especially designed for university and secondary school, where students should challenge themselves to finish the collaborative assignment that posted by their teachers.


i.Provide an online platform for distance collaborative programming
ii.Enhance students’ collaboration skills and promote positive peer interaction via platform
iii.Facilitate teachers to evaluate students’ progress

The ultimate goal of the project is to provide an interactive and user-friendly eLearning platform with multifarious resources for distanced collaborative programming. With the help of the platform, collaboration and communication among students are promoted through the sharing of knowledge and experience. Meanwhile, teacher can easily assess students’ performance using the platform. It is hoped that the platform can help students to learning collaborative programming effectively.

Project Plan

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