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What is SDB

SecureDB is a system that allows query processing on encrypted data in cloud environment.

As Database-as-a-service(DBaaS) such as Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure gets more economically available, security issue becomes one of the major reasons that prevent data owners from enjoying such service. Despite the advantages of computation elasticity and scalability provided by the cloud service provider, data owner cannot afford the risk of having highly sensitive data compromised on the cloud, such as clients’ credit card information, since attackers may gain accesses to disk-resident data, or observe the query results returned to data owners.
In this project, we implement a secret-sharing scheme between a data owner and service provider such that a wide range of SQL queries can be executed on the service provider, without revealing sensitive information.



SDB is secure against database knowledge threat, query result threat and chosen ciphertext threat.


Since secure operators are implemented as User Defined Functions, there's no inter-process communication, less memory copy and network transfer.


SecureDB components are developed as add-ons on top of an existing DB such that we leverage as much advanced techniques provided by a DB as possible(e.g. normal query optimization, parallel processing, cluster management).


SDB Paper

Theoretical ground for SDB system

SDB Project Proposal

Detailed project description and plan

Project Report

Detailed Final Year Project Report

Project Demonstration

Video demonstration of SDB's web interface(1'30)

Presentation Slides

Presentation slides for final year project competition

Our Team

SDB is the final year project of Haibin Lin, supervised by Prof. Ben Kao.

Haibin Lin, Eric

Undergraduate at HKU CS

Prof. Benjamin Kao

Professor at HKU Database Group