Hello, Hexapod Robot.
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Auto-avoid obstacles

The hexabot robot is designed to avoid obstacles using ultra-sound sensors.

App Control

Control your robot to move wirelessly using our app.


Our robot is assembled and produced in Hong Kong, by ourselves, using 3D Printed Technology.


Project Plan


  • Sep - Oct 2014

    Study of the project
    Project Plan Proposal and Website
    Gather and all requirements and design the architecture
    Starting implementation (using iterative method)

  • October 2014

    Android App 1.0
    Test Print and Combine the 3D Model
    Ultrasound sensor to get the distance of obstacle
    Naive movements of Robot

  • Nov 2014

    Tailor 3D printing model
    Walkable Robot

  • Dec 2014

    Android 3.0
    Finalize 3D Printing Model
    Server have the basic logic: forward,backward,turn left, turn right.
    Natural Movement of Robot
    Add Sensor

  • Jan 2014

    Android 4.0
    Enhence the Kinematic Algorithm
    The hexapod can move around with a plain surface without any control. It will turn round when detect an obstacle.

  • Feb 2015

    Finalize the Kinematic Algorithm and check the correctness
    Added a webcam on the robot. The smart phone application can see what is infront of the hexapod continuously.

  • Mar-April 2015

    The robot can move along a stair
    User can enter a text on the smart phone application, the rebot will speak it out.
    Testing all features and optimization

  • May 2015

    Ready to deliver the FYP project.

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Siu Lung