A Mobile and Intelligent Student Interview System for HKUCS

Final Year Project FYP15031

Mobile Application

An iOS application will be provided to allow users to view applicants' profiles anywhere anytime. It would also come in handy during on site interview

Who's better??

UCB(GPA 3.5)

UCLA (GPA 4.0)

Data Mining

With applicants from drastically different backgrounds, it is often difficult to compare two applicants. This is why our system will utilize the data collected from previous prospective Mphils or Phds and make the best recommendation to the professors.


Dr. Reynold Cheng


Lo Ming Fai


Lau Pui Lam


Vinny Wong


You Dongguang




30 Sep 2015
  • Gather User Requirements
  • Hosting Set Up
  • Draft Project Plan
4 Oct 2015
  • Detailed project plan
  • Project web page
  • Study the use of data mining algorithms and tools Design the database structure and UI of applications Study the WebRTC plug-in
Nov - Jan
  • Implement the database and back-end service
  • Implement a new version of web-based applications
  • Implement the mobile applications
  • Implement the standard score model
24 Jan 2016
  • Preliminary implementation
  • Detailed interim report
Feb - Apr
  • Optimization and Testing
17 Apr 2016
  • Finalized tested implementation
  • Final report
18-22 Apr 2016
  • Final presentation
3 May 2016
  • Project exhibition