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Nowadays, it is common that people invest in stock markets for a gain in their wealth. Before deciding which stock to buy, they often rely on analysis of some experienced investors or bankers on media.

However, the predictions on stock markets made by these experts are sometimes inaccurate. Therefore, it is desirable for one to look for a better method to predict the movement of a stock to avoid a loss of money from stock investment. This better method may be related to artificial intelligence. This is because artificial intelligence can perceive an environment more scientifically and adaptively than human does.

Thus, this project is an attempt to predict stocks prices using artificial intelligence. This attempt is embodied in the deliverable, which consists of machine learning algorithms with market data and news headlines as input.

17-4-2019: Methodologiesand results were updated.
12-2-2019: Results were updated.
30-9-2018: First day online.