Project Title: A Motion Tracking Game Based On VR

Games are what live in our blood. With the new features of Virtual Reality and motion tracking devices, We can bring video games to a new era.

This project aims to enhance player-game interaction with more advanced implementation of motion tracking devices on virtual reality game. A model of motion-driven player-game interaction is introduced by this project. In order to demonstrate how developers can utilize the motion tracking devices to implement motion-driven player-game interaction, a game will be delivered in the end of the project as a demonstration.

The game will consist of multiple mini-games from different game genres, like racing game, role-playing game and action game, to show that the motion-driven player-game interaction can be implemented on different types of game.


1. Introduce Motion-Driven Player-Game Interaction Model

A virtual reality game can utilize motion tracking devices by interpreting the motion information and mapping them to in-game commands in order to greatly improve the player-game interactions. This concept of player-game interaction based on motion tracking will be named as motion-driven player-game interaction in this project.

2. Algorithm Study on Motion Sequence And Pattern Intepretation

An efficient algorithm will be introduced for transforming motion sequences and patterns into useful data information, like mapping to lines in a coordinate system, which can be understanded and utilized by the games.

3. Game Demonstration on Different Game Genres

In order to demonstrate how the motion-driven player-game interaction can be applied on different types of game, a game is delivered in the end of the project. Different sets of implementations on the motion data of the players will be used on the mini-games inside the game.


iconJack, Ng Cheuk Hung 3035281093

A HKU student with huge passionate about gaming and game development

Project Supervisor:

Dr. T.W. Chim


Date Task Progress
30th September 2018 Deliverables of Phase 1 (Inception)
October 2018 Research on Virtual Reality and Motion Tracking Devices
November 2018 Algorithm Study
December 2018 - January 2019 Development of Demo Game
7th - 11th January 2019 First Presentation
20th January 2019 Deliverables of Phase 2 (Elaboration)
February 2019 - April 2019 Development on Deliverable Game
14th April 2019 Deliverables of Phase 3 (Construction)
15th - 19th April 2019 Final Presentation
29th April 2019 Project Exhibition

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