FYP18027 - Multiplayer Browser Game

Project Introduction - Multiplayer Browser Game

Real-Time Multiplayer
Cross-Browser Compatible
2D Cartoonish Game for Kids

Progress and Milestone

Sept 30 - Deliverables of Phase 1 (Inception) - Done
Oct - Conceptualize the details of the game
Nov - GUI and graphic design
Dec - Construction
Jan 20 - Deliverables of Phase 2 (Elaboration)
Feb-April - Optimization and Testing
April 14 - Deliverables of Phase 3 (Construction)


Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do you plan to use to make the game? For frontend, why choose HTML5 instead of Unity or others? For backend, why choose Node.js instead of C++ or others? Will you plan to continue the project after FYP?

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Supervisor: Dr. Vincent Lau
Yip Long Yin

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