Cloud Storage using Blockchain



High security due to use of encryption and cryptography.

Cloud Storage

All data stored on decentralized cloud medium


Made with cutting edge and updated tecnhologies

Smart Contracts

Additional functionalities such as multi-party computation and searchable encryption


Year long project.

  • Research and Study

    September - October

    In the first phase we will understand the salient fetures of blockchain development technologies and compare our idea with the existing projects such as Stoj and IPFS to understand their advantages and drawbacks.

  • Development

    November - January

    In this phase we will employ blockchain technologies to develop a preliminary product which meets the user and business requirements of our project.

  • February

    Testing and Debugging

    Phase 3 consists of testing and debugging our product to identify issues which we may have overlooked during Phase 2 and also add some additional functionalities depending on the time constraint.

  • March - April

    Final Updates and Fixes

    The final stage involves making final updates such as deploying the product and ensuring everything is automated and running without any hitches

  • Final Demo

Our Team

Dr. John Yuen

Shivam Tiwari

Tejasvi Mehra

Aman Johar

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