Web based tool
for Chinese character evolution

Supervisor: Dr. Vincent Lau Student: Matthew Chan Tsz Ho Link to the web-based tool

This project aims to construct a web tool that stores the data of Chinese character. The source of the data is user-contributed.

database for chinese characters

Information about chinese characters (compinents, strokes, words) will be covered

User-contributed content

Users are allowed to input data to the database

Responsive layout

The website can be run in both desktop and mobile device

Functions for visitors

01. Chinese Dictionary

Users can treat the website as a Chinese dictionary

02. Searching and sorting

Users can search for data they want. Results can be sorted

03. Preference setting

After registered and logged in, users can set their preference of browsing the website

04. Related pages

Hyperlinks inside the website can direct users to other related pages

Functions for contributors

01. Editing and adding page

Contributors can edit exsiting pages and add new pages to the website

02. Editing History

Contributors can view their editing history

03. Reading text file

Text files can be used to import data


2018 Sep 30 : The project plan is completed

2018 Sep 30 : The interim report is cimpleted

2019 Apr 13 : The Web-based tool is ready be launched

2019 Apr 13 : The final report is completed