Application of AR in Employee Training

Student: Chow Kai Yiu

Supervisor: Dr. Chim T W


    This project is about implementing an application of Augmented Reality (AR) in employee training. It is ubiquitous that different conglomerates and corporations would like to provide many trainings to their employees. However, most of the employee training method are typical lectures or videos materials. These kind of training methods would be not enough interactive, thus it would be not enough effective and efficient to train up some skills or mindsets for the employees. While everyone is talking about technology and innovation these days, AR technology may be one of the solution to facilitate and enhance the employee trainings effectiveness, implement employee training in a more interactive and creative way to create a better result.

Project Progress


    1. Vision and Scope
    2. Work Schedule
    3. Detailed Project Plan

      On Progress:

    1. Use Case Design
    2. User Interface Design