Project Schedule

Phase 1 is to make a usable application with user interface and server interaction. A server should be set up and it should be able to do some simple matchmaking.


Phase 2 is to implement machine learning which optimises the matchmaking results. Data should be collected for the machine learning process. The application should also be able to give suggestions for matched users regarding the activities they could do nearby or restaurants. An optional feature of random, immediate matchmaking could be implemented. For example, a user is free at the moment and would like to match up with any person nearby who happens to also be free. This matchmaking is totally random with an immediate matchmaking result.


October 2018 Research and design all functionalities that the application would provide
November 2018 Develop the user interface and finalise the functionalities the application would provide
December 2018 Set up the server so it could do simple matchmaking and collect data for phase 2 machine learning
January 2019 Complete Phase 1 and first deliverable
February 2019 Collect data for machine learning and develop phase 2 features
March 2019 Do testing and debug and consider making the optional random feature
April 2019 Do testing and debug and finalise the product

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