Project Objective

In this project, we want to achieve the followings:

1.To develop a mobile application which:

1.1 The mobile application supports both iOS and Android operating system


According to a research, in 2018, iOS has 51.61% market share and Android has 47.93%, which they have a combination of 99.54% market share in Hong Kong. That mean, if we have a mobile application that support both platform, majority smartphone user in Hong Kong can use our app.


1.2 The mobile application serves a schedule-based matchmaking function


A schedule-based matchmaking is defined as a matchmaking application which use a user defined schedule as a major parameter of the matchmaking algorithm. The algorithm shall pair two candidates whilst both of their available time slots are matchable and they should have a nearby physical location.


The general flow of the application is planned as the following:

  1. Users submit their schedules to server
  2. Server receives schedules and do the pairing
  3. When there is a pairing result, notify the user


1.3 The mobile application collects user’s feedback and information


The application shall collect feedbacks after each matchmaking event. Feedbacks will be in a format of text comment and a rating, these data will further analyze to improve the quality of the matchmaking. For instance, if we analyze that matchmaking pair of a

engineering student and business student often have a higher rating, we then adjust the algorithm so that engineering student will be more likely to match with business student.


2. To study the relationship between user’s schedule and their corresponding behaviour

2.1 Motivation


In general, we want to find out an answer of this question ‘In what time, they prefer what?’. The answer of this question would give us an insight of how people behave. Here is a simple example, we can study what people prefer for their lunch during lunch time. What is more popular? Or what if we do more in the application, like give some promotions and suggest them to some restaurant, would they behave differently? Able to answering such question would give a huge potential business value.


2.2 Study targets

Although this application is supposingly open to public and anyone could download it from app store, to limit the study scope is rather important in a limited time project. We shall focus to study the behaviour of university students as they will be our first category of user that will use our app.

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