Augmented Reality in Retail

An intutitive shopping experience

User can see and feel the products in the virtual shops with limitless inventory and minimal setup costs


Project Background

Hong Kong- A city with limited space but unlimited potential and opportunity! Being one of the world’s most advanced global cities, Hong Kong’s retail market is divided mainly into two- Online stores and offline stores. Online stores have a low set up cost but do not offer a very intuitive experience. Offline stores on the other hand have high infrastructure and set up cost owing to the high rentals in Hong Kong. Offline stores have limited choice in products due to limited physical space, while online stores lack the physical representation of the product despite a greater range of choice. When the customer shops, his online experience is much different from the offline experience, even if shopping for the same item. We want this shopping experience to be seamless such that the user doesn't have to switch between viewing objects on a website and viewing objects in reality.

Our application will transform the user’s tabletop into an augmented world of a global city landscape, thereby connecting the user to various shop model objects and creating an all new at home shopping experience like no other by bringing to them an experience of a global city.


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Navigable Cityscape

A seamless navigable landscape on the tabletop such that the user can walk around just like he/she would in a street market.

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Detailed floorplan

3D renders of the floorpan for the In Store mode of the application.

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Seamless user interface

Integration of cityscape and in-store mode for a complete shopping experience.

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Shop-object renders

Database of products to be sold in the AR shops with interaction mechanism from viewing to purchasing.

Our Team

Our Team

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Rachaika Verma

Miss Verma is a fourth year computer science student at the University of Hong Kong. She is experienced in full stack web development owing to her previous projects and internships in the past few years. She has a personal interest in the techstack that revolves around creating an application in AR which was the driving force for her choice of this particular final year project.

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Anchit Som

Mr. Som is a fourth year Computer Science student with a Business Design Major. He has worked both as a User Experience Designer and Software Engineer in various startups and student projects. Being a Design technologist, Augmented Reality is a field that matches well with his personal and professional pursuits.

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Dr. HF Ting

Dr. Ting received his PhD from Princeton University and joined this department in 1994. His research interests include bioinformatics, computational complexity and design and analysis of algorithms, and has published over forty papers in these areas. Dr. Ting is also an active member of the ACM(HK). He was the programme committee chair of the ACM(HK) Postgraduate Day 2002, and was in the programme committee of the ACM(HK) Postgraduate Day 2003.


Project Plan