Thought-Command Translation

The system aims to employ Machine Learning techniques to translate the brain signals obtained from our headset to a desired action.

Real-Time Application

The project also aims to build an application that will demonstrate the power of our BCI system to users in real time.

Project Progress

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The Team

This project is our initiative to explore the possiblities of a BCI system.
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Rohak Singhal

Computer Engineering, Year 4.

Rohak Singhal loves learning new technologies from the diverse fields of Machine Learning, Signal Processing and Web Development, which made this project an easy choice for him.

Sagar Gupta

Computer Science, Year 4.

Sagar Gupta has worked as a full-stack developer in the past and has a keen interest in Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Science, which is his motivation behind this project.

Dr Anthony Tam

Project Supervisor.

Dr. Tam obtained a professional qualification in medical imaging during his undergraduate studies in Polytechnic. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from The University of Hong Kong in 2002 and has been a constant source of support and guidance through this project.