The planner blocks time on your calendar for tasks that do not have a fixed time slot according to user's preferences and prevents the user from overbooking himself.

The Problem

For people in academia there are tasks that cannot be associated with fixed time slot. For instance, a professor may have to correct final exam papers before end of the week and he knows it would take about 10 hours to complete the task but he does not know at what time exactly he would be doing this correction.
Often user's lose track and commit to multiple flexible task in a week and suddenly find themselves over worked when deadlines approach.

Our Solution

The planner blocks time on the user's calendar around his existing schedule smartly tasks for his flexible tasks. It also warns the user before overbooking his calendar. The Intelligent Algorithm prioritises multiple tasks on the user's calendar according to his prefernces.


  • Python

    To build the stack

  • React Native

    To build the iOS and Android Mobile Application.

  • Google Calendar

    To integrate with Google Calendar.

Project Timeline

We intend to follow the below timeline for the release of our Planner.

  • Research and Ideation Sep-Oct '19
  • Design Algorithm Nov-Dec '19
  • Develop Mobile App Jan-Feb '20
  • Add Intelligence Feb '20
  • User Testing and Release Mar-Apr '20

The Team

  • Dr. Huang Z.Y.

    PhD Pennsylvania
    Assistant Professor

  • Rhea Agarwal

    Year 4
    Computer Science

  • Kanaee Agarwal

    Year 4
    Computer Science