Systems Research Group

Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong




Current Students: (updated at 11/2011)


King Tin LAM, Ph.D Ka Kui (Ricky) MA, Ph.D Kinson CHAN, Ph.D Chenggang ZHANG, M.Phil Guodong Han, M.Phil


Previous members

  • Matchy MA (M.Phil)

  • Benny W. L. CHEUNG  (Ph.D)

  • WeiJian FANG (Ph.D)

  • Wenzhang ZHU (Ph.D)

  • Ching Han (Zoe) YU (Ph.D)

  • Yang LUO (M.Phil, 9/2005-8/2007)

  • Fangwei (Alan) LI, Ph.D

Matchy Ma:  Main contributor of JESSICA project. Matchy received his B.Sc and M.Phil degrees in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong in 1994 and 1999 respectively. He designed  JESSICA middleware back in 1997 (version 1). After his graduation, he joined Versitech Ltd, where he leads multiple groups of software engineering professionals on software projects and product development.

WeiJian Fang: Core member of JESSICA2 project. He focused on the design of the global object space in distributed JVM, which virtualizes a single Java object heap across machine boundaries to facilitate transparent object accesses. Mr. Fang received his Ph.D in 2005. His thesis title is "Distributed Object Sharing for Cluster-based Java Virtual Machine". 

Wenzhang Zhu. Main contributor of JESSICA2 project. He obtained the B.Eng degree in Computer Science from South China University of Technology and M. Eng degree in Computing Science from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science.  Mr. Zhu received his Ph.D in 2005. His thesis title is "Distributed Java Virtual Machine with Thread Migration".

Benny W. L. Cheung. Benny's research topic is on Distributed Shared Memory for Cluster Computing. He received his Ph.D in 2005. His thesis title is "Large Object Space Support for Software Distributed Shared Memory".  He obtained the B.Eng degree in Computer Engineering in 1997, and the M.Phil degree in Computer Science in 2000, both in HKU as well. During his M.Phil study, he has developed the JUMP software DSM for Linux PC cluster.