p-Jigsaw Web Server Project  

The Internet's ever-increasing popularity demands the Web sites to handle large amount of requests. This has created an urgent need for a more powerful Web server architecture to handle this problem. We have built a parallel Web server with intelligent cooperative caching support, called p-Jigsaw. In this system, an application- level global object space (GOS) is constructed to effectively utilize the available physical memory of the cluster as a giant object cache to shorten the object access time. Global object space also provides a unified view of cluster-wide resource allocation to help achieve better load balance. A cooperative object caching mechanism based on the concept of “hot object” is built in the global object space for improving the whole system performance. A preliminary prototype system is implemented by modifying the W3C’s Jigsaw Web server, and good speedup was gained in the benchmark tests. The hot object caching greatly improved the performance as compared with a Web server system without a cluster-aware object caching mechanism.


Cooperative Caching for Hot Objects



Performance Results

Figure 2: Performance Results of p-Jigsaw on an 8-node PC cluster




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