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"; ?> \n"; echo ""; title_line("About Database Research Group","About us",$server_path,"left"); echo "\n"; ?>             Members of the Database Research Group have active interests in many mainstream database research. Currently, the thrust is in the following areas: data mining and data warehousing, distributed databases, spatial and spatiotemporal data management, XML and graph databases, privacy and security in database systems, data summarization, multidimensional indexing and search, data streams and sensor networks.
            A number of projects of this group have been funded by earmark grants from the Hong Kong Research Grant Council. Besides engaging in basic research which lead to publications in international conferences and journals, members of the group have developed experimental systems to verify research ideas. Systems that have been developed recently include Octopus, a Chinese Internet Search Engine; MILK, an Web document database; and WDB, a Web database publishing system.
            Members have also been very active in technology transfer contributing to the advancement in local industry. The architecture design of the Directory Enquiry System for Hong Kong Telecom was implemented by members of this group. In addition, an open-source ebXML gateway used by developers from more than 80+ countries has been created. The XML Schema Design and Management Guide (used by all bureaux and departments of the government) was also designed by members of this group.
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        Please click here for a complete list of past DB Seminars.

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