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My Research Students

MSc students/graduates not included

PhD students:

  1. HAN Zhenhua [9/15-]
  2. ZOU Yifei [9/16-]
  3. WU Yijie [9/17-] (co-supervisor: Dr H. Cui)

MPhil students:



  1. XU Cheng Zhong (1993) "Iterative Methods for Dynamic Load Balancing in Multicomputers" [Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University, USA]
  2. TSE Siu Hong Savio (1997) "The Performance of Interval Routing in General Networks" [Assistant Professor, Izmir University, Turkey]
  3. SHEA Kai Ming (1997) "Process Migration on Multiprocessor Systems"
  4. CHEN Gui Hai (1998) "Shuffle-X Graphs and Their Cayley Variants" [Professor, Department of Computer Science, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China]
  5. ZHOU Ji Peng (2001) "Fault-Tolerant Wormhole Routing for Mesh Computers" [Professor, Jinan University]
  6. AUYEUNG Chun Kan (2005) "Solutions for Some Problems in Star Graphs" (co-supervisor: Dr S.S.H. Tse)
  7. FANG Wei Jian (2005) "Distributed Object Sharing for Cluster-based Java Virtual Machine" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang) [Google]
  8. ZHU Wen Zhang (2005) "Distributed Java Virtual Machine with Thread Migration" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang) [Microsoft; Google; ClusterTech HK]
  9. YU Ching Han Zoe (2006) "Memory Management Strategies to Improve the Space-Time Performance of Java Programs" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  10. WANG Rui (2006) "Gossiping in Meshes in All-Port Mode and with Short Packets" [Associate Professor, Ocean University of China]
  11. CHEN Lin (2007) "Process Migration and Runtime Scheduling for Parallel Tasks in Computational Grids" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  12. HO Sai Chuen Roy (2007) "Process Roaming" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  13. TSANG Cheuk Kan Ken (2008) "Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with mSCTP" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang) [Lecturer, HKCC-HK Poly U]
  14. TSANG Cheuk Man Mark (2008) "Multicast Techniques for High Bandwidth-demanding Applications in Overlay Networks" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang) [Lecturer, Community College-CUHK]
  15. LAU Man Kin Vincent (2009) "Learning by Example for Parametric Font Design" [Philips; Research Director, ASTRI]
  16. HUA Qiangsheng Charlie (2009) "Scheduling Wireless Links with SINR Constraints" [Tsinghua; Associate Professor, Huazhong University of S&T]
  17. TAN Haisheng (2011) "Minimizing Interference in Wireless Sensor Networks" [Associate Professor, Jinan University]
  18. LI Hongxing (2012) "Optimal Data Dissemination in Stochastic and Arbitrary Wireless Networks" (co-supervisor: Dr C. Wu) [UIUC; UC Davis; Amazon]
  19. WU Yu (2013) "Cloud-assisted Multimedia Content Delivery" (co-supervisor: Dr C. Wu) [Postdoctoral Fellow, Arizona State U.]
  20. JIANG Hao (2014) "Personalized Web Search Re-Ranking and Content Recommendation" [Google]
  21. LAI Po Yan Pauli (2014) "Relationship Analysis for Web Content Adaptation" [Hong Kong Polytechnic University]
  22. YU Dongxiao (2014) "Distributed Algorithmic Studies in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks" [Associate Professor, Huazhong University of S&T]
  23. QIU Xuanjia (2014) "Dynamic Utility Maximization for Multi-Cloud based Services" (co-supervisor: Dr C. Wu) [DJI]
  24. HALEPOTO Imtiaz Ali (2015) "Scheduling and Flow Control in CMT-SCTP" [Assistant Professor, QUEST, Pakistan]
  25. CHENG Luwei (2016) "Delay-Aware Network I/O Virtualization for Cloud Computing" [Research Scientist, Facebook]
  26. LI Xiaoyang (2016) "Towards Better Computer-based Presentation" [Postdoctoral Researcher, Imperial College]
  27. LIANG Feng (2017) "Fine-Grain Resource Allocation and Semantics-Aware Data Partitioning in Distributed Computing" [Huawei]
  28. ZHANG Xiaoxi (2017) "Dynamic cloud resource provisioning and pricing" (co-supervisor: Dr C. Wu) [Postdoc, CMU]
  29. LI Yupeng (2017) "Coflow Scheduling and Resource Sharing Games in Congested Networks" [Postdoc, HKU]


  1. SHEA Kai Ming (1990) "A Mechanism for Mapping Processes onto Transputer Networks" [PhD, HKU]
  2. LAU Siu Wah Clarence (1991) "A Novel Approach to Deadlock Prevention in Store-and-Forward Networks" [PhD, CUHK]
  3. CHEUNG Steven (1992) "Packet Routing on Mesh-Connected Computers" [PhD, UC Davis; Computer Scientist, SRI International]
  4. CHEUNG Man Ho Zwicky (1994) "Multiple Priorities for the Transputer"
  5. WAI Siu Kit Jimmy (1996) "Virtual Links for Multicomputers"
  6. WONG Kai Leung Adam (1996) "On Improving the Alternation Construct in Occam" [PhD, Queensland]
  7. YU Wing Ka (1996; co-supervised by Dr W.H. Cheung) "Execution Objects: Flexible Composition and Efficient Interaction"
  8. SHAM Lan Lena (1997) "Performance Study of a New Disk Shadowing Scheme" [Assistant professor, Department of Computing, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong]
  9. CHENG Kwok Wing Philip (1998) "Some Results on the Location Problem"
  10. YAU Cho Ki Joe (1999) "Efficient Solutions for The Load Distribution Problem"
  11. MA Jin Ming Matchy (1999; co-supervised by Dr C.L. Wang) "JESSICA: Java-Enabled Single-System-Image Computing Architecture"
  12. LUM Wai Yip Vincent (2002) "Effective Content Adaptation Strategies for Mobile Computing"
  13. ZHUO Ling (2003; co-supervised by Dr C.L. Wang) "Document Replication and Distribution Algorithms for Load Balancing in Geographically Distributed Web Server Systems" [PhD, USC]
  14. BELARAMANI Nalini Moti (2003) "A component-based software system with functionality adaptation for mobile computing" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang) [PhD, UT Austin]
  15. CHOW Yuk (2003) "A Light-weight Mobile Code System for Pervasive Computing" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  16. KWAN Wai Man Vivien Joanna (2003) "A Distributed Proxy System for Functionality Adaption in Pervasive Computing Environments" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  17. CHUI Ka Lam Elsa (2004) "A Semantic Web Architecture for Personalized Profiles" (co-supervisor: Mrs A.S. Castro)
  18. LAM Chun Wing (2004) "Fault-tolerant routing for unidirectional networks"
  19. LEE Chun To Michael (2004) "Novel Techniques for Implementing Tamper-Resistant Software"
  20. LI Huidong (2004) "The reversibility and determinism in quantum computing"
  21. CHEN Weisong (2005) "A Pervasive Information Framework Based on Semantic Routing and Cooperative Caching" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  22. KONG Choi Yu Laurel (2005) "Effective Partial Ontology Mapping in a Pervasive Computing Environment" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  23. SIU Po Lam Pauline (2005) "Context-Aware State Management for Supporting Mobility in a Pervasive Environment" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  24. WANG Tianqi (2005) "An Architecture to Support Scalable Distributed Virtual Environment Systems on Grid" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  25. HO Chun Yin Justin (2008) "Group-based Checkpoint/Rollback Recovery for Large Scale Message-passing Systems" (co-supervisor: Dr C.L. Wang)
  26. WONG Ying Ying Kathy (2009) "Transparent Process Migration for distributed Java Computing"
  27. HUANG Wei (2010) "The Performance and Locality Tradeoff in BitTorrent File Sharing Systems" (co-supervisor: Dr C. Wu) [PhD student, U. of Toronto]
  28. TONG Liangliang (2011) "Balancing Space and Time for Moving Garbage Collectors"
  29. ZHANG Linquan (2012) "Move My Data to the Cloud: an Online Cost-Minimizing Approach" (co-supervisor: Dr C. Wu) ** Received HKU LKS Prize for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Students in 2011-12 ** [PhD student, U. of Calgary]
  30. LI Sirui (2013) "Attentive Gestural User Interface for Touch Screen" [Flipboard, Beijing]
  31. YANG Xi (2015) "Utilising Channels in Email: an Approach to Organising Communication" [PhD student, Imperial College]
  32. ZHOU Chunting (2016) "Representation Learning for Natural Language Processing" [PhD student, CMU]
  33. WANG Xiaoke (2016) "Online VNF scaling with network uncertainties"

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