About me

I am a third-year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at The University of Hong Kong. My Ph.D. advisor is Prof. Heming Cui.

My research interest lies in machine learning and distributed systems. In particular, I am interested in building high-performance distributed DNN training systems.


  • [ASPLOS '22] NASPipe: High Performance and Reproducible Pipeline Parallel Supernet Training via Causal Synchronous Parallel
    Shixiong Zhao, Fanxin Li, Xusheng Chen, Tianxiang Shen, Li Chen Sen Wang, Gong Zhang, Cheng Li, Heming Cui
  • [TPDS '21] vPipe: A Virtualized Acceleration System for Achieving Efficient and Scalable Pipeline Parallel DNN Training
    Shixiong Zhao, Fanxin Li, Xusheng Chen, Xiuxian Guan, Jianyu Jiang, Dong Huang, Yuhao Qing, Sen Wang, Peng Wang, Gong Zhang, Cheng Li, Ping Luo, Heming Cui
  • [DSN '20] HAMS: High Availability for Distributed Machine Learning Service Graphs
    Shixiong Zhao, Xusheng Chen, Cheng Wang, Fanxin Li, Ji Qi, Heming Cui, Cheng Li, Sen Wang