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Department of Computer Science
The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Room 421, Chow Yei Ching Building, HKU, Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong

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I am an assistant professor in HKU CS starting from Jan 2015 (right after I got my PhD from Columbia University advised by Prof. Junfeng Yang). I lead the HKU Systems Software Group. My research includes distributed systems, programming languages, cloud computing, big-data, block-chains, and AI. I have a particular focus on improving software reliability and security. Recently I receive several research awards, including a Croucher Innovation Award in 2016, an award from the Huawei Innovation Research Program (HIRP) in 2017, and an outstanding (best) paper award from ACSAC '17.

I admit a few PhD students every year. I expect my students to have good skills/experience on hacking systems software (e.g., Linux kernel, LLVM, or distributed protocols) and have strong motivation on research. If you think you qualify, please directly apply here and select "systems and networking research" as your interested field during the application. If you also want to talk with me individually, please read my recent papers (at least several times for each paper), understand how they work deeply, compile and run them, and then email me what new research topics you can think of (e.g., new applications or significant improvments of my systems, or some other relevant and crazy ideas). I will reply your email only if your ideas make sense.

I have several well funded research grants that can support student Research Assistants (RAs) and summer research interns. If you are interested and you can work full-time in HKU for a few months, you can send me emails with your CV and thoughts on my papers.

Apr 2018: Recently I am looking for Postdoc who have expertise on wireless networking (e.g., sensor networks and UAVs). I also look for students who have fluent experience on UAV (e.g., DJI) programming and have time to work as full-time RAs in HKU for a few months. If you have, please send me an email with your CV.

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Members in My HKU Systems Software Group

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Prof. Yuexuan Wang (Professor in Zhejiang University, visiting scholar)
Weiwei Jia (PhD student, 2018 to now)
Tianxiang Shen (PhD student, 2018 to now)
Qi Ji (PhD student, 2018 to now)
Shixiong Zhao (PhD student, 2017 to now)
Xusheng Chen (PhD student, 2017 to now)
Jianyu Jiang (PhD student, 2016 to now)
Cheng Wang (PhD student, 2015 to now)
Senran Zhang (Master student in Zhejiang University, research assistant)
Tong Shen (Master student in Zhejiang University, research assistant)
Tsz On Li (Undergraduate student in HKU CS, research assistant)


Prof. F.C.M. Lau (Professor in HKU)
Prof. C.L. Wang (Professor in HKU)
Prof. Chuan Wu (Professor in HKU)
Prof. Junfeng Yang (Professor in Colubmia, my PhD advisor)
Prof. Yong Cui (Professor in Tsinghua)
Prof. Yong Zhang (Professor in SIAT, CAS)
Prof. Xiaoning Ding (Professor in NJIT)
Rui Gu (Researcher in VMWare)
Dr. Luwei Cheng (Researcher in Facebook)
Dr. Jiri Simsa (Researcher in Google)
Dr. Jingyue Wu (Researcher in Google)
Prof. Randy Bryant (Professor in CMU)
Prof. Garth Gibson (Professor in CMU)