Jiafeng Hu

Phd Student
Email: jhu (at) cs.hku.hk








    Hi! I am Jiafeng Hu, a 4th year Ph.D student in the Department of Computer Science
, The University of Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Reynold Cheng. I recieved my M.Eng. degree from Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014, supervised by Prof. Beihong Jin, and B.Eng. degree from Jilin University in 2011. Here is my CV.

Research interests
    Mobile and Pervasive computing, Spatio-Temporal Data Management, Graph Data Management

     May/2017 ~ Aug/2017 Google, Los Angeles, Brand Ads (With Dr. Josh Bao)
     Jun/2016 ~ Aug/2016 Google, Mountain View, Street View Group (With Dr. Chunhui Gu)
     Dec/2011 ~ May/2012 Microsoft Research Asia Web Search and Mining Group (With Dr. Yu Zheng)

Selected Awards

  • Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited Postgraduate Prize 2017-18
  • SIGIR Travel Grant (2016)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship, The University of Hong Kong (2014~2018)
  • ACM-ICPC Asia: Silver Medal (2009/Harbin)
  • National Scholarship (2008 & 2013)
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  19. Jiafeng Hu, Beihong Jin, Haibiao Chen. On Speed-up Strategies for Detecting Spatial Events. The 7th Joint Conference on Harmonious Human Machine Environment (HHME2011), Beijing China, Sep. 2011.(In Chinese)

Professional Activities

  • Invited Talk:
    • East China Normal University (Host: Prof. Xiaoling Wang), June 2018.
  • External Reviewer:
    • Conference: VLDB'17/16, SIGMOD'17, ICDE'16, EDBT'16, KDD'17/16/15, SIGSPATIAL GIS'16/15, CIKM'18/17/16/15, DASFAA'17, BIGDATA'16/15, SSTD'17/15, WAIM'15
    • Journal: TKDD'18, VLDB Journal'15, Information Systems'16/14
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