1999-2000 Final Year Projects

On-line shopping system
Data mining for e-commerce

Supervisor(s): Dr. Mak B.( bmak@csis.hku.hk)

No of students:

Prerequisite: None

Project Type: IS


Recently in the United States American Online acquired Netscape and formed an alliance with Sun Microsystems. The vision of this alignment is to create a combination of online services and products that would allow businesses to trade with consumers and other companies on the Web. Over the next decade or two, vast chucks of the world economy will move into the electronic realm. Companies will be doing business on the Internet. Electronic commerce will take off.

The success of electronic commerce, however, relies heavily on the efficiency of the information retrieval technology. When millions of firms reside in the databases on the cyberspace, a fast and efficient search mechanism is required to guide the customers and companies in looking for the information they want. We try to develop a system design for data mining on the Web. This system will be an intelligent system for electronic commerce. It will offer flexible keyword capabilities and efficient retrieval mechanisms to assist customers and companies in doing business on the Internet. The objectives of this research project are as follows:

  1. Devise an intelligent indexing scheme for retrieval of company information database on the Worldwide Web using data mining techniques.
  2. Develop a network architecture of company information that would assist efficient keyword search for customers shopping on the internet. Also develop a network architecture of customer information for companies locating customers on the internet.
  3. Develop a library to store keywords entered by an individual user, which will be used to efficiently locate the point of search for the future search of the user.
Depending on the emphasis, the students can choose to focus on the development of functional features assisting on-line shopping or on the development of data mining mechanisms to analyze e-commerce information for users and companies.

Therefore topics for the project include the following:

  1. on-line shopping system
  2. data mining for e-commerce