1999-2000 Final Year Projects

E-Polling System

Supervisor(s): Dr. Cheung D.( dcheung@csis.hku.hk)

No of students:4

Prerequisite: None

Project Type: CSIS


This project is to design a system to support Electronic Polling. Polling or surveys mostly are done via phone interviews. With the advances of Internet and E-business, it is technically feasible to develop a polling system by using Internet and WWW as a vehicle. In order to make the system dynamic and configurable, XML technology will be used. We will also need to incorporate processing of Chinese in the XML documents. Storage of the polling questionaries and their results in an Object DB or Directory system may be more appropriate then keeping them in a Relational database.

I expect the students to investigate the new technology of XML and to use it has a main vehicle to develop the system. Beside that, we will need to investigate a polling model suitable for the Internet environment. I expect a full fledge system which is beyond the level of a prototype. Therefore, some software engineering techniques will be used to control the design, implementation and testing of the system. In other words, the usability and quality will be weighted heavily in the assessment of this project.