1999-2000 Final Year Projects

User-Interface for Electronic Commerce

Supervisor(s): Dr. Hui L. C. K.( hui@csis.hku.hk)

No of students:3-5

Prerequisite: None

Project Type: ISCS

Note: Project cosupervised with external supervisor Dr P H Leung


E-commerce is becomig more and more popular. Different kinds of products can be bought on the Internet. But different kinds of products have different characteristics. For exmple, the information to be provided for choosing information goods are quite different from physical goods. Different kinds of physical goods, such as fashions and food, also possess different characteristics. Consumers choose these product according to the information provided in the Web pages and the mechanism of doing the transactions. All these differences require different kinds of user-interfaces.

In this project, the relations between different models of user-interfaces and characteristics of goods will be studied. Prototypes of different user-interface models for different kinds of goods will first be developed. Then the acceptance of these different user-interfaces of different kinds of goods by consumers will be studied. These studies will be iterated so as to come up with some concrete relations between the aspects.