1999-2000 Final Year Projects

Speaker Verification System

Supervisor(s): Dr. Quo Q.( qhuo@csis.hku.hk)

No of students:unlimited


  1. programming competence
  2. ability to handle and process a large amount of data
  3. good mathematical background to understand the theory of the adopted techniques
  4. basic knowledge on speech processing and pattern recognition
  5. hardworking

Project Type: CS


In this project, we want to build a demo system on a PC to perform automatic speaker verification (ASV), i.e. using a potential user's voice to verify his/her claimed identity. The main work will include:

  1. learn and develop how to use Sound Blaster to capture and play back speech;
  2. collect Cantonese speech data for ten digits from as many speakers as possible;
  3. perform experiments to compare several ASV methods
  4. build a speaker verification demo system

This project will have a nature of both research and development.