1999-2000 Final Year Projects

TESTS: Towards Effective Software Testing Strategies

Supervisor(s): Dr. Tse T. H.( tse@csis.hku.hk)

No of students:open

Prerequisite: Software Engineering II or Information Systems Analysis and Software Development

Project Type: CSIS


Effective software testing plays a very important role in ensuring reliability. Partition testing is the most commonly used technique. The input domain is divided into smaller subsets, each of which will be tested independently to detect any potential failure. Unfortunately, it has been found in two recent empirical studies that partition testing may not be better than simply testing the program with random test data. This state of affairs is disheartening for software developers and testers.

Various methods have been proposed by The Software Engineering Group of the Department to improve on the situation. The respective theoretical frameworks have been evaluated favourably by reviewers. In this project, we would like to further evaluate the practical usefulness of the proposals by simulation and empirical studies using real-life programs.

As a result of this project, students will find out for themselves that software engineering is not the same as hacking. It is indeed an engineering discipline because of the important tie between theory and practice. The knowledge and experience in software testing, in particular, will be useful for their long term professional career.


The Software Engineering Group is the most prominent research group in software engineering in the region. We have been awarded research grants of more than 4 million dollars from local and international sources. We have published in top international journals such as the ACM Transactions and IEEE Transactions. The core members of our group include:

  1. Dr T.H. Tse, The University of Hong Kong (Principal Investigator)
  2. Dr T.Y. Chen, Vocational Training Council and University of Melbourne
  3. Professor Huoyan Chen, Jinan University
  4. Dr F.T. Chan, The University of Hong Kong
  5. Dr S.C. Cheung, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  6. Dr Eddie C.S. Kwok, Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation
  7. Dr P.H. Leung, Vocational Training Council
  8. Dr S.M. Yiu, The University of Hong Kong
  9. Dr Y.T. Yu, City University of Hong Kong