1999-2000 Final Year Projects

Image-Based Virtual Reality

Supervisor(s): Dr. Wang W.( wenping@csis.hku.hk)

No of students:2

Prerequisite: None

Project Type: CS


Real-time display of complex virtual environments by virtual reality systems has been a constant challenge in computer graphics. One recently proposed solution is to use images to represent a 3D environment in such a way that any new view by the VR user is composed entired from an array of pre-stored 2D images. This is called image-base VR or image-based rendering. The advantage of the approach is that the display speed is made independent of scene complexity and that rich texture can be represented easily. The students will study and apply some techniques in the modeling and navigation for image-based VR, and test them on some 3D virtual environments. Some software, such as Quick-Time VR from Microsoft, will be available for this project. Excellent equipment and tutorial supports will be provided.