Information and Software Technology 39 (10): 719-726 (1997)

On the Effectiveness of Test Case Allocation Schemes in Partition Testing 1

F.T. Chan 2 , T.Y. Chen 3 , and T.H. Tse 4

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In partition testing, the input domain is divided into two or more disjoint subdomains according to some criteria and then test data are selected from each subdomain. Hence we must design a partitioning scheme that governs how to divide the input domain, and a test case allocation scheme that controls how to allocate test cases to the subdomains.

Given any partitioning scheme, the test case allocation scheme plays a crucial part in the effectiveness of testing. This paper develops guidelines for comparing different test case allocation schemes. It provides solutions to the class of problems where various test case allocation schemes under the same partitioning scheme are compared for the effectiveness of testing.

We illustrate with examples several potential applications of our findings.

1. Supported in part by grants of the Australian Research Council and the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong.
2. School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.
3. Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia.
4. Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.
(Part of this research was done when he was an Academic Exchange Visitor at the University of Melbourne.)


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