Proceedings of the 3rd ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking,
and Parallel/Distributed Computing
(SNPD '02), International Association for Computer and Information Science,
Mt. Pleasant, MI, pp. 99-106 (2002)

An Experimental Analysis of the Identification of
Categories and Choices from Specifications

T.Y. Chen 2 , Pak-Lok Poon 3 , Sau-Fun Tang 4 , and T.H. Tse 5



The category-partition method and classification-tree method both help construct test cases from specifications. To achieve this end, a set of categories and the associated choices (also known as classifications and the associated classes) have to be identified. However, the identification process is often done in an ad hoc manner. We have conducted a case study to examine the common mistakes made by software testers during this process. The result of our study will facilitate researchers and practitioners in the development of systematic identification methods.

1. This work is supported in part by grants of the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong (project nos. 104801 and 702901) and a research and conference grant of The University of Hong Kong.
2. Centre for Software Analysis and Testing, Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn 3122, Australia.
3. Department of Accountancy, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
4. Department of Finance, and Decision Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
5. (Corresponding author.)
Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.


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