Cambridge University Press
Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science,
Volume 11, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

A Unifying Framework for Structured Analysis and Design Models:
an Approach using Initial Algebra Semantics and Category Theory

T.H. Tse
Department of Computer Science
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam, Hong Kong

[eBook edition US$33.00 (2010) | Paperback edition US$40.99 (2009) | Hardback edition US$134.00 (1991)]


  • It seems to me that you have done a very worthwhile thing.
    The late Professor Joseph Goguen,
    formerly with University of Oxford and University of California at San Diego

  • The book is interesting for everyone who is concerned to give a more solid foundation (in this case: applying algebraic specifications and category-theory) to the speciality of Software Engineering, or who is concerned with the practical application of theoretical models.
    Nico Plat, Mededelingen van het Wiskundig Genootschap

  • The material is valuable and ought to be of interest either to software engineers searching for a foundation for their work or to theoreticians looking for interesting applications of category theory.
    Tom Jacob and Bill Kaizer, ACM SIGACT News

  • The book would be useful to methodologists designing unifying frameworks, and to systems analysts in identifying unstructuredness in system specifications and programs.
    Bret Michael, ACM SIGPLAN Notices

  • Demonstrate (quite convincingly to the reviewer) the power and usefulness of the theoretical arsenal proposed.
    Elod Knuth, Science of Computer Programming

  • This book is not for the faint of heart, but if you would enjoy refreshing your knowledge of category theory and related branches of mathematics, this text will show how the power of mathematics can be used in practical ways.
    ACM Computing Reviews

  • ★★★★☆ Four stars
    Great presentation of basic workflow concepts.
    Ernst, Amazon Customer Review, 2014


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