T.W. Chim

Dr. T.W. Chim
Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong


HKU BEng(InfoE)
HKU MPhil (Thesis: Novel Algorithms to Improve Internet Traffic Distribution Management)
HKU PhD (Thesis: Secure and Privacy-preserving Protocols for VANETs)


Teaching Courses:
COMP2120 Computer Organization (2017-18)
COMP2123 Programming Tools and Technologies (2018-19)
COMP2396 / CSIS0396 Object-oriented Programming and Java (2015-16, 2019-20)
COMP3320 / CSIS0320 Electronic Commerce Technology (2014-15)
COMP3327 / CSIS0327 Computer and Network Security (2014-15)
COMP3329 / CSIS0329 Computer Game Design and Programming (2015-20)
COMP3330 Interactive Mobile Application Design and Programming (2017-20)
COMP7304 The Wireless Internet and Mobile Network (2013-15)
COMP7506 Smart Phone Apps Development (2012-20)
COMP7804 E-commerce Security Cases and Technologies (2012-14)
ENGG1112 Computer Programming and Applications (2015-17)
ICOM6042 Designing Apps for Smart Mobile Phones (2013-17)


Teaching Assistanting Courses:
CSIS0329 Computer Game Design and Programming (2007-08, 2009-14)
CSIS0403 Implementation, Testing and Maintenance of Software Systems (2007-08)
CSIS1118 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (2007-08)
CSIS1122 Computer Programming II (2007-08)
CSIS7304 The Wireless Internet and Mobile Computing (2007-08)
CSIS7601 Algorithms (2007-08)
CSIS7801 Topics in Computer Science: World Wide Web Technologies (2007-08)
ELEC2701 Internet Technologies and Applications (2004-06)
ELEC3401 Advanced Internet Technologies (2002-04, 2005-06)
ELEC3622 Distributed Computing Systems (2002-05)
ELEC3626 Computer Network Security (2002-05)
ELEC7144 Advanced Internet Infrastructure Technologies (2004-05)
ENGG1007 Foundations of Computer Science (2008-09)
ENGG1202 Introduction to Computer Science (2012-13)


MSc(CS) Dissertations:
A Smart Phone App for Accessing Course Materials (2012-13)
Cross-OS Apps with Embedded Web Object (2012-13)
Cross Platform Game Development with Unity (2012-13)
HTML5 Report Builder and Viewer (2012-13)
Provable Smart Phone Photography (2012-13)
Simulating the Smart Grid (2012-13)
A Security Protocol for Vehicle-to-Grid Communications (2013-14)
A Smart Phone Application to Simulate Taxi Fare Meter (2013-14)
A Smart Phone Application to Support Citizen Journalism (2013-14)
Cross Platform Game Development with Unity (2013-14)
Graphical Simulation for VANET Protocols (2013-14)
Innovative Gesture Application based on Leap Motion (2013-14)
Security in Vehicular Network (2013-14)
Training Apps for a Local Service Company (2013-14)
A Cross-platform Application for Project Team Management (2014-15)
A Cross-platform Smart Phone App for In-lecture Voting (2014-15)
A Smart Phone Application for Finding the Shortest Delay Travelling Route (2014-15)
A Smart Phone App to Link Up Individuals from Diverse Backgrounds (2014-15)
A Virtual Research Conference System (2014-15)
Flexible Gaming with Multiple Connected Devices (2014-15)
Secure, Distributive Storing and Mobile-based Image Capturing App (2014-15)
QuesBoard - A Cross-Platform Web Based System for In-lecture Interaction (2014-15)
Using the Internet Anonymously (2014-15)
An E-learning Platform for Junior Programming Courses (2015-16)
A Smart Phone Application for Valet Parking (2015-16)
Stock Movement Analysis and Prediction Based on Multi-model (2015-16)
A Micro-game Engine for a Local Company (2015-16)
Designing a New Security Protocol for V-NDN Communications (2015-16)
Image Searching by means of Feature Extraction (2015-16)
Classroom Authentication Scheme (2016-17)
Applying Augmented Reality (AR) to Education Domain (2016-17)
Robo-advisor (2016-17)
Social Information Exchange by Means of Near-field or Short-range Communications (2016-17)
Visualizing Real-time Road Conditions (2016-17)
Mobile Application for Restaurant Table Reservation (2016-17)
Web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android Programming (2016-17)
Secure and Privacy-preserving Applications in VANET (2016-17)
Encrypting Contact Information in Android Phone (2017-18)
A Smart Phone Application for Anti-telephone Deception (2017-18)
A Distributive Testing Framework for Smart Phone APps (2017-18)
Input Testing for Android Apps (2017-18)
Application of VR in Employee Training (2017-18)
Authentication Schemes in Mobile Environment (2017-18)
A Smartphone Application for mHealth and CSR (2017-18)
Attacks and Defense for WeChat App (2017-18)
Design and Development of HKU Short Video Mini Program (2018-19)
Smart Student Assistant (2018-19)
A Distributive Testing Framework for Smart Phone Apps (2018-19)
Smart Patrol Robot for Airport (2018-19)
An Android Application for Secured Sharing of Smartphone Resources among Multiple Devices (2018-19)
Malicious URL Detecion Using Deep Learning Techniques (2018-19)
Estimating the Curve of Spine Using IMUs with Machine Learning (2018-19)
A Smart Phone Application for Anti-telephone Deception (2018-19)
Security Issues of Smart Petrol Robot (2018-19)


MSc(CS) Projects:
Speech to Sign Language Real Time Translation Application (2018-19)
LF-AR: Augmented Reality Enhancements and Gaming (2018-19)
Cloud Service for Captcha Recognition Based on Deep Learning (2018-19)
Travelling Route Generation System (2018-19)
Microservice System Design and Implementation for Campus Social Platform (2018-19)
Private Music Cloud Disk Based on Cloud Server and Mobile Platform (2018-19)
A Smart Phone Application for Home Design (2018-19)
Business Intelligence in Financial Institution (2018-19)
Real-time E-Commerce Recommender System Based on Apache Flink (2018-19)


Final Year Projects:
A Smart Phone Application to Assist Driving (2014-15)
Anonymous, Public-accumulated Crime Investigatioin (2014-15)
A Voice-based Navigation System for Foreigners (2015-16)
An Android App for Developing Android Apps (2015-16)
Designing A New Security Protocol for Privacy-preserving Identity Verification in V-NDN (2015-16)
Smart Phone based Blackbox System for the Elderly (2015-16)
Utilizing VANET Data to Make the Environment Green (2015-16)
Web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java, Andriod programming and a New Programming Language (2015-16)
A Cross-platform Game or Application to Promote Computer Science (2016-17)
A Navigation System for Wheel Chair Users (2016-17)
A Web System for Project Allocation (2016-17)
Lecture Gamification (2016-17)
Open Crowdsourcing (2016-17)
Open World VRRPG (2016-17)
An Application based on Blockchain Technology (2016-17)
Artificial Intelligent Driving Assistant (2017-18)
An E-learning Platform for Teaching Javascript and React Native (2017-18)
A Privacy-preserving Instant Event Sharing System (2017-18)
An Online Food Catalogue based on Open Crowd-sourcing (2017-18)
Somatosensory Game in the Application of Dragon Boat Simulation (2017-18)
Gamification of Education (2017-18)
A First-Person Role-Playing Game for Experiencing Different Stages of Human Life (2018-19)
A MMORPG to raise Public's Awareness on Computer Crimes (2018-19)
A Smart Phone Application to support Peer Learning (2018-19)
Application of AR in Employee Training (2018-19)
Utilizing Smart Phone App Data (2018-19)
A Smart Phone APplication for Schedule-based Matchmaking (2018-19)
A Tool for Text Translation using AR Technology (2018-19)
AI Student Advisor (2018-19)
An AR Application (2018-19)
A 3D Game to Raise the Teenagers' Awareness on Cybersecurity (2019-20)
A Peer Learning Platform (2019-20)
A Smart Email Client to help user Identify Malicious URLs (2019-20)
Avoidance of Mobile Phone Fraud in Social Networks (2019-20)
Combining Physical and Virtual Gaming Experience (2019-20)
Smart Phone Controlled Omni-directional Wheel Driven Robot (2019-20)
A Tool for Text Translaton using AR Technology (2019-20)
An Intelligent Adviser for CS Students (2019-20)
Interactive Social Media App with AR (2019-20)
Smart Patrol Robot (2019-20)


Interest: Network Security, Cryptography, Privacy, Networking
Selected Publications:
1. T.W. Chim, S.M. Yiu, Victor O.K. Li, Lucas C.K. Hui and J. Zhong, "PRGA: Privacy-preserving Recording & Gateway-assisted Authentication of Power Usage Information for Smart Grid," IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, Vol. 12, Issue 1, pp. 85-97, January / February, 2015.
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