LI Xiaodong is a PhD student of the Department of Computer Science in the University of Hong Kong. He received his BEng (Computer Science) in 2016, from Taishan College in Shandong University.

His main research area is network data modeling and graph mining. More academic info more

Selected Papers

Xiaodong Li, Reynold Cheng, Yixiang Fang, Jiafeng Hu, Silviu Maniu. "Scalable Evaluation of k-NN Queries on Large Uncertain Graphs", EDBT, 2018.

Yixiang Fang, Reynold Cheng, Xiaodong Li, Siqiang Luo, Jiafeng Hu. "Effective Community Search over Large Spatial Graphs", PVLDB, 2017.

Xiaodong Li, Yuqing Sun. "Privacy Protection for Collaborative Tagging Quality and User Personalization", the Proceedings of SDU Excellent Graduation Thesis, 2016.

Xiaodong Li, Yeh-Ching Chung, Yu-Shiang Lin. "Software Based GPU Virtualization", the Proceedings of NYHU Summer Internship, 2014.

Photo Signature

Department of CSU of Hong Kong

2020 Ph.D.


Taishan College Shandong U

2016 B.Eng.


China Top-NotchUG Training Prog

2016 B.E.Hons.

Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.


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THU Internship


I'm currently interning in Dr. LI Guoliang's Lab in Tsinghua University Beijing during this summer.

We are designing a new approach to deal with lage scale trajectory data. How to efficiently analyze the trajectories is crutial to many real-time applications.

Social Works


For the good of the community, I have been volunteering in many activities, such as Non-Ethnic Chinese (Western District) Program, SERVICE 100 Mooncake Project, stray animal protection, and environmental protection.

Also, I have been served as the RPG Student Representative of the Department of Computer Science in the University of Hong Kong during the last academic year, and the PG representative of Starr Hall in the HKU Inter-hall Academic Symposium and Competition 2017.

HIT Winter Camp


The HIT campus in Harbin is smaller compared to the campus in Shenzhen and Weihai, but it is much cooler! Happy Winter Camp in Frozen City 2016.

HKU Internship


During my internship, I have developed a novel algorithm that enables search of a community (e.g., hobbyists in photography) within a large social network. We have also performed experiments on real datasets to verify the correctness and efficiency of this algorithm.

SDU RA Experience


We have analyzed the semantics of tags on resources (e.g., URLs) in the Delicious website, and then cluster the users of similar behaviors. A heuristic recursive binary partitioning algorithm is designed.

Finally, to achieve privacy preserving, some tags are filtered out with minimum precision loss.

National Innovative Training Projects


We designed an Electronic-Visual (E-V) system to identify object's appearance model and accurate localization from large volumes of video data with the help of mobile phone signals.

We designed electronic and visual signals processing algorithm.

Then electronic frame filtering and E-V mapping are achieved.

Android apps were developed to achieve better distance calculation.

NTHU Exchange


We built a software-based GPU virtualization environments by KVM on CentOS.

Then we achieved NVidia Quadro6000 pass-through and GPU forwarding.

We also built Spice desktop virtualization to test the scheduling algorithm designed by us.


  • @xiaodong Jessie Ho Memorial Postgraduate Fellowship from HKUDec.2016
  • @xiaodong Y S and Christabel Postgraduate Scholarship from HKUNov.2016
  • @xiaodong University Postgraduate Fellowship and Post Graduate ScholarshipSep.2016
  • @xiaodong Excellent Graduation Thesis 2016 from SDU (see here)Jun.2016
  • @xiaodong Award of Excellent Graduates from MOE ShandongMay.2016
  • @xiaodong First Prize in National Students' Innovative Training ProjectsMay.2015
  • @xiaodong National Scholarship from MOE ChinaOct.2014