Zhipeng Huang


PhD Student

Department of Computer Science
University of Hong Kong

Email: zphuang (at) cs.hku.hk

[CV] [简历]


Hi! My name is Zhipeng Huang (黄智鹏 in Chinese). I received my bachelor degree from the Department of Eletronic Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University. Currently, I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science, University of Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Nikos Mamoulis and Prof. Reynold Cheng.

Research Interests

My research interests are in data mining and database. I am currently working on mining knowledge bases. Feel free to contact me if you have similar interests.


    [ Year 2018 ]

  • Auto-Detect: A Multi-Pattern Framework for Data-Driven Error Detection in Tables, [to appear]
    Zhipeng Huang, Yeye He,
    SIGMOD 2018, Houston, TX, US., June 10-15 2018.
  • T-Crowd: Effective Crowdsourcing for Tabular Data, [PDF] [Poster]
    Caihua Shan, Nikos Mamoulis, Guoliang Li, Reynold Cheng, Zhipeng Huang, Yudian Zheng,
    ICDE 2018, Paris, France, April 16-20 2018.
  • [ Year 2017 ]

  • Location-Aware Query Recommendation for Search Engines at Scale, [PDF][slides]
    Zhipeng Huang, Nikos Mamoulis
    SSTD 2017, Washington, D.C., US. , Aug. 21-23 2017.
  • Efficient Fault-Tolerant Group Recommendation Using α-β-core, [PDF] [Poster]
    Danhao Ding, Hui Li, Zhipeng Huang, Nikos Mamoulis
    CIKM 2017, Singapore, Nov. 06-10 2017.
  • On Embedding Uncertain Graphs, [PDF]
    Jiafeng Hu, Reynold Cheng, Zhipeng Huang, Yixiang Fang, Siqiang Luo
    CIKM 2017, Singapore, Nov. 06-10 2017.
  • [ Year 2016 ]

  • Meta Structure: Computing Relevance in Large Heterogeneous Information Networks, [PDF] [slides] [Poster] [Video] [YAGO] [DBLP] [code]
    Zhipeng Huang, Yudian Zheng, Reynold Cheng, Yizhou Sun, Nikos Mamoulis, Xiang Li,
    SIGKDD 2016, San Francisco, California, Aug. 13-17 2016.
  • KB-Enabled Query Recommendation for Long-Tail Queries, [PDF] [slides] [Poster]
    Zhipeng Huang, Bogdan Cautis, Reynold Cheng, Yudian Zheng,
    CIKM 2016, Indianapolis, US. , Oct. 24-28 2016.
  • On Transductive Classification in Heterogeneous Information Networks, [PDF]
    Xiang Li, Ben Kao, Yudian Zheng, Zhipeng Huang,
    CIKM 2016, Indianapolis, US. , Oct. 24-28 2016.


  • Meta Paths and Meta Structures: Analysing Large Heterogeneous Information Networks, [PDF] [slides]
    Reynold Cheng, Zhipeng Huang, Yudian Zheng, Jing Yan, Ka Yu Wong, Eddie Ng
    APWeb-WAIM 2017, Beijing, China, July 07-09 2017.


  • Research Intern at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA, U.S., working with Dr. Yeye He. May-Aug, 2017.

Professional Services

  • Reviewer for IEEE Access 2017.

  • Invited talk at DAIS Group, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Oct. 2016.

  • Invited talk at Database Group, the University of Macau, June 2016.

  • KDD Volunteer, San Francisco, California, Aug. 13-17 2016.