In the past ten years, we have been awarded 21 RGC (GRF) grants and two ITF grants, with a total amount of about 10 million and 6 million dollars (HK$), respectively.

  1. Online Strategy for Maximizing Seller's Revenue, $500,000 (2013-2016), F.Y.L. Chin
  2. A Genomic and Pharmaceutical Knowledge-based System for Clinical Diagnosis and Case Repository, ITF Funding, $6,517,350 (2012-2014), T.W. Lam
  3. Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms on Multi-User Data in Ubiquitous Computing Environments, $575,600 (2012-2015), T.H.H. Chan
  4. Next-Generation Sequencing Algorithms, $905,425 (2012-2015), F.Y.L. Chin
  5. Ultrafast SNP-sensitive and Gap-sensitive Alignment of Short Reads to Human Genome via Better Indexing, $626,400 (2012-2015), T.W. Lam
  6. Design and analysis of algorithms for online bin packing: Old challenges and new opportunities, $700,000 (2012-2015), H.F. Ting
  7. Structural alignment and prediction for non-coding RNAs with triple helix structure, HK$681,195 (2011-2014). S.M. Yiu.
  8. Competitive on-line scheduling algorithms for minimizing weighted flow time, HK$792,000 (2010-2013). H.L. Chan.
  9. Combinatorial Phenotype Testing, HK$394,053 (2009-2011). F. Chin.
  10. An algorithmic study of online communication for maintaining data statistics, $417,780 (2009-2011). T.W. Lam.
  11. Algorithms for Inferring k-articulated Phylogenetic Network, $591,080 (2009-2012). S.M. Yiu.
  12. Finding Conserved Patterns in Biological Networks HK$777,108 (2008-2011), F. Chin.
  13. Design and analysis of online algorithms for graphs coloring with applications in frequency assignments, $274,777 (2008-10), H.F. Ting.
  14. Design and Analysis of Online Algorithms for Frequency/Code Assignment Problems in Cellular Networks, HK$418,000 (2007-2009), F. Chin.
  15. Design and analysis of algorithms for identifying recently-frequent items in a data stream, $350,249 (2007-09), H.F. Ting.
  16. A New Motif Representation Based on Position Specific Patterns HK$ 775,008 (2006-2009), F. Chin.
  17. Compressed indexes for approximate string matching, 2006-2009, HK$ 654,000, T.W. Lam
  18. Design and analysis of algorithms for constrained structure comparisons, $612,816 (2006-08), H.F. Ting.
  19. Computationally Haplotyping Pedigree Data HK$ 359,224 (2005-2007), F. Chin.
  20. Robust Object Segmentation Method for Video Surveillance System, ITF fund, $365,000 (2004-2006), F. Chin.
  21. Algorithms for uncovering conserved genes on whole genomes (RGC, 2004-2007, $650,000) , T.W. Lam
  22. Tests for uniformity, $339,414 (2004-06), W.W. Tsang.
  23. High Performance and Intelligent Video Surveillance System, ITF fund, HK$5,444,000 (2003-2005), F. Chin.
  24. Finding Motifs for Sequences with Weak Binding Sites, RGC grant, HK$339,414 (2004-2006), F. Chin.
  25. On-line Scheduling with Partial Job Values, RGC grant, HK$377,149 (2003-2005), F. Chin.

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