Seamless Image Editing
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This is a project targeting at seamless image editing. Some relevant research materials could be found below.

Poisson Image Editing

Image composition, which is the process of creating a new image by imposing an object or a region from a source image to a target image, is a large component of image editing. Poisson image editing has been proposed in 2003 as an effective approach for seamless image composition.

Drag and Drop Pasting

The effectiveness of Poisson image editing, however, largely depends on how user draws the boundary. Drag and drop pasting in 2006 proposed a method to optimize the boundary condition based on a shortest closed-path algorithm in {r,g,b} color space, and it improved the composition quality by searching for the optimal boundary within the user-specified one.

Scene Completion Using Millions of Photographs

The algorithm patches up holes in images by finding similar image regions in the database that are not only seamless but also semantically valid.


Reports regarding the projects.

Project Plan

Initial Project Plan

Interim Report

Mid-term Report

Final Report

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